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Battery-caged-chickens_web PAWS has joined Washingtonians for Humane Farms in endorsing the Yes! On Initiative 1130 campaign, to prevent the extreme confinement of egg-laying hens.

About six million egg-laying hens in Washington State are forced to live their entire lives in cages so small they barely can move an inch. Initiative 1130 ensures that these animals have enough room to simply stretch their wings.

You can help PAWS with this effort today!

  1. Gather signatures for Initiative 1130. More than 300,000 signatures are needed by July in order to get this initiative on the November voting ballot. Sign up at YESon1130.com to receive your signature gathering kit. Pass this message on to family and friends, inviting them to join in the effort also.
  2. Help to stop a “bad egg laying bill” currently in legislation. Tell your Washington legislators  you oppose SB 5487, an egg-industry backed bill which only gives the illusion of reform. SB 5487 proposes minor changes in cage size, changes so small they still don’t support humane husbandry practices for caged hens. HELPFUL HINT: Calling your legislator is the fastest and most impactful action. Find your legislators here. Staff will take your call and are often amiable. If you have time, following up with a short, thankful e-mail solidifies your action. Find your legislators’ e-mails here.
  3. Ask your veterinarian to endorse Initiative 1130. Download and share this flyer with them, and contact us if they are are interested or have further questions at publicaffairs@paws.org.

Adding your voice to the movement for more humane treatment of egg-laying hens is an important step in getting Initiative 1130 on the ballot this November. Thank you!


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