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Here are some more wonderful photos and updates from PAWS adopters. Thank you for sharing!

Eve_web Megan:
Terry and I adopted Madeline (now Eve) on February 18th. We wanted to give you an update on how she is doing in her new home! She knows “sit” and her new name very well. We are now starting on “sit and stay.” She is really smart so training so far as been a piece of cake, just a matter of making sure we stay consistent!

She has made a new best canine friend in my parents’ 2-year-old lab/shepherd named Indy. She enjoys running circles around him since he is twice her size and can’t keep up. Eve had some initial problems with being separated from us, even for just a few minutes. We have been doing a lot better, now that she has caught on that we will come back every time and that it is not a big deal when we come and go. She is a huge cuddle bug in the mornings and evenings. She enjoys her morning walks with me and then her evening walks which include Terry. She is very loved and we are so happy that we found such a perfect girl.

LillyCat_web Emily:
I adopted Lilly in September. She was very shy and timid, but soon showed how playful she is! These days she's quite vocal, goes crazy for the laser pointer, and loves her fort!

Caine_web Angie:
We got Caine in July, and he's firmly embedded himself in our lives and mostly in our couch. We love this crazy K-9, he's a wild man but also a sweetheart and a comedian. We can't say enough good things about your staff at PAWS. Thank you again!!

Trixie_web Brandon:
I adopted Trixie (formerly Cashmere) just a couple weeks back and she's been totally on board with her new home from the first moment she realized life was starting to look a little brighter. I'm warmly greeted with kitty hugs every day after work now. Thanks PAWS! :)

Miyu_web Ilona:
So happy we adopted Miyu (aka Twizzler) from PAWS Cat City! She's great, makes itty-bitty sounds (hence the name Miyu - Meow) and is very playful :)

Teddy_web Izabela:
We adopted Teddy in October, 2010 and we absolutely love him. He's a big boy now and is doing great, thank you PAWS!

Bear_web Kelly:
PAWS is such an amazing place. This is Bear (formerly Bruno and a few other names). I talked my aunt into adopting him and now this 11-year-old sweet, sweet boy doesn't leave her side! Bear came into PAWS infested with fleas, old, and homeless and thanks to this amazing organization Bear has found his human in life!

LilyDog_web Lori:
Adopted my Lily (Piglett) from PAWS in 2005.


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