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Farcus If you want someone to greet you at the door with rapt attention and a big hug, Farcus is your man!

He loves people, but when his humans are away, he'll entertain himself watching the world through the nearest window.

This 12-year-old's loveably grumpy look is perfectly offset by his cuddly, purring personality. Farcus gets along great with other cats, loves playing with kids and enjoys having his soft fur brushed.

His adoption fee is $75 or $35 to a senior human (60+). He will need some vet care for hyperthyroidism, but it's a completely treatable condition. And hey, at least you know about it up front!

Come bask in the glory of Farcus' kinky whiskers and charm at PAWS Cat City in Seattle!


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Farcus has finally found his home! The lady who adopted him had a dog who had hyperthyroidism and she wasn't scared off by his age, either. She has already shared an update:
"Thank you again for the wonderful work that you do, and especially for taking such good care of Farcus. I feel very fortunate to have found the little guy; he's such a cool old cat, very laid-back but still likes to play and be around people. Being a dog person, I still stay stupid things to cats like "sit" and "come" but for some reason when I ask Farcus to come (jokingly, of course), he will get right up and come over to be scratched!
Acclimation into the new environment is going smoothly. He walked in, then like he owned the place went around sniffing out every corner of the apartment to get the lay of the land - quickly deciding that his favorite place to sleep is on the couch where he can keep an eye on everything."

Hooray for Farcus!!

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