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We have met our goal, and have outfitted a total of 26 dog and cat kennels with comfy, supportive Kuranda beds!

Thank you to every one of you for caring so much for the animals at PAWS. We are thrilled to be able to go above and beyond for them with your help.



UPDATE Thu, 3/24:

We are so close! We just need 6 more dog beds to reach our goal in the Countdown to Comfort.

Can you join the Comfort Heroes who have already helped, and give one of the last few needed? Kuranda has even discounted the full retail price to offset the shipping costs for these donations.

Donate a Kuranda dog bed to the animals at PAWS.


UPDATE Wed, 3/16:

We're half-way through March, and so many have been generous to our cats and dogs. We now need just 10 more dog beds to reach our goal for the Countdown to Comfort!

Will you order one today and help us give the dogs that extra care and love?

Donate Kuranda dog beds to the animals at PAWS.


UPDATE Mon, 3/7:

Wow, what an overwhelming response! Thank you to everyone who helped us outfit all of our large cat enclosures with a Kuranda bed in just one weekend! Talk about a short countdown!

Can we extend this wonderful generosity and care?

Rumor has it the dogs are getting a bit jealous, so if you'd like to help the pups out, you can order and donate Kuranda dog beds using the link below.

Let's see if we can get even more comfort for the animals at PAWS this March!

Donate Kuranda dog beds to the animals at PAWS.



Cat-bed-2[1]We love cats.

That’s why PAWS always goes above and beyond to the best care, enrichment and comfort for the cats in our shelter. Our goal is to get them into loving, forever homes, but until then we want them to be healthy and happy at PAWS.

You can help give the cats at PAWS top-of-the-line comfort today by giving them a Kuranda bed!

These beds provide a comfortable, raised bed for them to lie on, and a cozy space underneath for shy kitties. They are easily washed and sturdy so they will help many cats over a long time. The company is a great shelter partner and the price of a donated bed is 30-35% off the normal price.

We have 14 large cat enclosures, but only two Kuranda beds. That means we can provide only soft blankets for the other 12 cats. We’d like to give them the best--please donate a Kuranda cat bed today.

Purchase a Kuranda bed for the cats at PAWS.

We’ll be counting down all month until we reach our goal of providing all 12 remaining large cat enclosures with a Kuranda bed. Please spread the word and help us reach our goal this month! Thank you!


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Thank you for helping us reach our goal!


Two doggie beds on the way!

Woohoo! Thank you, Tera! That's really generous of you.

Is it possible to ship them not UPS? It's super expensive. I"d rather the $'s went to the doggies.

Hi Ralph! (long time, no talk :) )
I just talked to them on the phone and they said UPS was the cheapest way they've found to ship the beds due to their size. However, if you or anyone wants to order more than one, you can call them at 1-800-752-5308 to ensure that you don't get overbilled for shipping. Thank you for thinking of the animals!

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