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Cranberry The numbers from this year’s Spay Day on Feb 22 have just come in.

A national event, PAWS worked locally with 40 clinics from four Western Washington counties this year. Together, our army of private and shelter clinics altered 330 dogs and cats!

Those 330 dogs and cats could easily have produced thousands of unwanted litters if they had been left unaltered, adding even more stress to shelters across the area.

Thank you to all of the loving guardians who made the wonderful decision to get their beloved animals spayed and neutered. Your pets will live happier lives because of it.

We also want to thank all the clinics who partnered with us this year in providing low-cost surgeries to these animals. We couldn’t have done it without each of you!

If you missed this year’s Spay Day, you can still get more information about why spay/neuter is important. You can also find resources for locating reduced cost spay/neuter surgeries year-round, including the PAWS Spay/Neuter Clinic.


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Congratulations on your numbers. I love that this event is still going strong. Newly neutered - GREAT term. You guys need to find a way to make use of that in your marketing. It rocks!

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