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Varied-Thrush-110120,-in-ward-cage_web If you follow the wildlife-related stories on PAWS Blog, in the PAWS magazine or the e-newsletter Wild Again, you are likely aware that two of the most frequent ways our songbird patients are injured is by hitting a window or being attacked by a domestic cat. A few very unlucky birds, however, are injured by both in quick succession. Such was the case with a Varied Thrush that was brought to us on February 10. The woman who rescued the bird in her Everett yard said he had struck a window, and while he was sitting on the ground stunned he was attacked by a cat.

Unfortunately, this scenario is not at all uncommon. Two things that are present in abundance in our cities and towns are windows and free roaming house cats. Despite the seemingly bad luck experienced by this thrush, he was actually very lucky that someone saw his plight and intervened as quickly as possible. When the bird arrived at PAWS he was bright and alert. Other than some nicks and scratches, and most likely a severe headache, he had not been badly injured.

We placed him on antibiotics to ensure that he did not develop any infections from the cat-related wounds, and cared for him for just a short while. He was healthy and recovered enough to be released back into the wild on February 16. A lucky bird, indeed!


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Thank you very much for being around for our feathered friends! You guys are the best!

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