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We were going to wait to do a post with adopter updates in early March, but we have had so many wonderful adopters share photos and updates on the dogs and cats they met at PAWS recently that we just couldn’t wait! Here’s the first round, and we’ll share more later this week.

Charlie_web Seth:
***transcribing for Charlie***
"Hi PAWS folks, just checking in to say I'm happy and healthy in my new home, thanks for taking such good care of me and if yo-- FEATHER TOY!!!"
***end of transmission***









Rexito_web Letitia:
This is Rexito. We adopted him about 4 years ago from PAWS in Lynnwood. His name was Mark then. We absolutely adore him. He’s a lap guy, he follows us around like a dog, and best of all, he loves our dog. His most favorite thing in the world is polar fleece, especially the fluffy kind!










Inky_web ...and this is Rexito’s pal Ink Spot. We adopted Ink Spot in 2003, and didn’t change his name too much—the Lynnwood shelter called him “Inky”. Ink Spot loves people of all sorts, except for the UPS driver for some bizarre reason. (He just barks, no bite; it should be noted that he scares himself when he barks). Ink will eat anything that is tossed in the air, which makes giving him pills very simple. He loves toys, treats, his “dad” (my husband), and any new person.

Illidan_web Tori:
Illidan! (Originally named "Bug") Adopted 12/22/10 I think. I tell him to look at the camera and this is the face he gives me! lol haha He was very shy when we got him and I'm happy to say now he is the most talkative little thing! He's got a lot of personality, he's growing up too fast! =]














Dexter2_web Susan:
Here is a fun photo of Dexter and his big ol' "dinosaur" bone! He just loves that thing!












Roxie_web Stephanie:
Miss Roxie is quite the happy addition to the family. Adopted this past October, she is one happy girl! She's the youngest in the family, with a sister who's a month older and a 4-year-old big brother!







PacoWillie_web Caroline:
Paco is LOVED by his BIG brother Willie. Willie has been with us for 15 years. His brother died two years ago, so I am happy that he has a new buddy.


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