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This past week, we’ve received bunches of great updates from past adopters. These were so wonderful, we wanted to share the happy stories and photos with everyone. So, here goes:


Nash-web Tammy:
Nash, formerly known at "Gator," chillin' on the stairs.











BossTweed-web And here's Boss Tweed, formerly known as "Ty," taking a nap in one of his favorite positions.









HollyWithKids-web Trisha:
We adopted "Holly" from Cat City yesterday - these are my two kids during the meet and greet session. They named her Stylish, and she's just as sweet as they come! Thanks for taking her in so we could take her home!






Dexter-web Susan:
Dexter is VERY happy in his new home! He loves the backyard to play fetch and tug or war with his tire bone...We love this Pup! He is so easily trained, he already doesn't jump on people anymore!












Lyndsey-web Lyndsey:
She is at home at her new house! Thank you so much we love her!









Sparky-web Mona:
A huge thank you for letting my family adopt Sparky 16 years ago at PAWS. She left us yesterday and we are very sad she is gone, but she was the most wonderful, loving, sweet dog I've ever known and I had to thank you for this gift.



TimmyMason-web Jenny:
Timmy and Mason say hi! Both the boys are doing really well so far. Neither of them took more than a couple of hours before they were settled in and walking around like they own the place. They're a little indifferent towards each other the way cats are, but no hissing, no claws, no trouble at all. In fact, as soon as I train them out of wanting to sleep directly on top of my face at night, we'll be all set. Thanks for taking care of these two guys until I could come adopt them!


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Thank you all SO MUCH for adopting! Thanks, too, for sharing your wonderful stories with PAWS. The staff and volunteers love to see how their hard work has paid off.

Cute pictures.

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