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On Februay 10, this young Barn Owl was found on the floor of an open-air workshop in Sumas, WA. The owlet was very weak, and two other deceased owlets were found outside the shop. Assuming that he had been orphaned or at least separated from his parents, the person who found the owl scooped him up and transported him to the Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (NWRC) in Bellingham. The Barn Owl spent a week in care at NWRC and then was transferred to PAWS Wildlife Center on February 18.

The owl was still thin when he arrived at PAWS, but was otherwise in good health. He has been eating well in our care and has put on some weight. As of this writing we are housing him in an outdoor enclosure in which he can build up his flight skills for release. This photo shows him in the enclosure engaging in a threat display. The goal of this display is to make himself appear as large and intimidating as possible to frighten off a potential threat (in this case, me).


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