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17 posts from February 2011

Varied-Thrush-110120,-in-ward-cage_web If you follow the wildlife-related stories on PAWS Blog, in the PAWS magazine or the e-newsletter Wild Again, you are likely aware that two of the most frequent ways our songbird patients are injured is by hitting a window or being attacked by a domestic cat. A few very unlucky birds, however, are injured by both in quick succession. Such was the case with a Varied Thrush that was brought to us on February 10. The woman who rescued the bird in her Everett yard said he had struck a window, and while he was sitting on the ground stunned he was attacked by a cat.

Unfortunately, this scenario is not at all uncommon. Two things that are present in abundance in our cities and towns are windows and free roaming house cats. Despite the seemingly bad luck experienced by this thrush, he was actually very lucky that someone saw his plight and intervened as quickly as possible. When the bird arrived at PAWS he was bright and alert. Other than some nicks and scratches, and most likely a severe headache, he had not been badly injured.

We placed him on antibiotics to ensure that he did not develop any infections from the cat-related wounds, and cared for him for just a short while. He was healthy and recovered enough to be released back into the wild on February 16. A lucky bird, indeed!

As promised, here's another bunch of happy ending stories and photos shared with us by adopters recently.

Rex_web Kami:
This is Rex(Dozer) and I. My boyfriend and I adopted him January 4th and he is our whole world. We want to thank paws for introducing us to him. He has become quite spoiled and loves to take up half of our king size bed :)





RileyCat_web Alison:
Riley adopted 10/2003 (pictured with his best canine friend). Riley is a character who remains happy and healthy in his 10th year. Thank you PAWS for making this happy ending possible! 






SeanCat_web Sean:
Met this little girl at PAWS earlier today.









Trumpet_web Trumpet's Mom:
This my new feline, Trumpet. She was adopted from PAWS Cat City on Roosevelt on January 28, 2011. It's great to adopt, I highly recommend it!:) She is five years old and a a cuddler.







Theo_web Alison:
Update on Theo adopted 10/2010: Theo is now great buddies with my orange tabby male (also adopted from PAWS) and has finally decided my Great Dane has no designs on making him a snack.









Barley_web Caitlin:
Too much play time for Barley! (formerly Egypt) Passed out on his back in the middle of the living room floor.









Qwitty_web Robert:
Jones! (Renamed to Qwitty) sits next to me through the all-nighter work nights! Usually waking up to come with me to forage for food, sometimes deciding that my work needs a little more creative input by walking all over my keyboard, and protecting me from those menacing stuffed mice that now litter my room.


On Februay 10, this young Barn Owl was found on the floor of an open-air workshop in Sumas, WA. The owlet was very weak, and two other deceased owlets were found outside the shop. Assuming that he had been orphaned or at least separated from his parents, the person who found the owl scooped him up and transported him to the Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (NWRC) in Bellingham. The Barn Owl spent a week in care at NWRC and then was transferred to PAWS Wildlife Center on February 18.

The owl was still thin when he arrived at PAWS, but was otherwise in good health. He has been eating well in our care and has put on some weight. As of this writing we are housing him in an outdoor enclosure in which he can build up his flight skills for release. This photo shows him in the enclosure engaging in a threat display. The goal of this display is to make himself appear as large and intimidating as possible to frighten off a potential threat (in this case, me).

We were going to wait to do a post with adopter updates in early March, but we have had so many wonderful adopters share photos and updates on the dogs and cats they met at PAWS recently that we just couldn’t wait! Here’s the first round, and we’ll share more later this week.

Charlie_web Seth:
***transcribing for Charlie***
"Hi PAWS folks, just checking in to say I'm happy and healthy in my new home, thanks for taking such good care of me and if yo-- FEATHER TOY!!!"
***end of transmission***









Rexito_web Letitia:
This is Rexito. We adopted him about 4 years ago from PAWS in Lynnwood. His name was Mark then. We absolutely adore him. He’s a lap guy, he follows us around like a dog, and best of all, he loves our dog. His most favorite thing in the world is polar fleece, especially the fluffy kind!










Inky_web ...and this is Rexito’s pal Ink Spot. We adopted Ink Spot in 2003, and didn’t change his name too much—the Lynnwood shelter called him “Inky”. Ink Spot loves people of all sorts, except for the UPS driver for some bizarre reason. (He just barks, no bite; it should be noted that he scares himself when he barks). Ink will eat anything that is tossed in the air, which makes giving him pills very simple. He loves toys, treats, his “dad” (my husband), and any new person.

Illidan_web Tori:
Illidan! (Originally named "Bug") Adopted 12/22/10 I think. I tell him to look at the camera and this is the face he gives me! lol haha He was very shy when we got him and I'm happy to say now he is the most talkative little thing! He's got a lot of personality, he's growing up too fast! =]














Dexter2_web Susan:
Here is a fun photo of Dexter and his big ol' "dinosaur" bone! He just loves that thing!












Roxie_web Stephanie:
Miss Roxie is quite the happy addition to the family. Adopted this past October, she is one happy girl! She's the youngest in the family, with a sister who's a month older and a 4-year-old big brother!







PacoWillie_web Caroline:
Paco is LOVED by his BIG brother Willie. Willie has been with us for 15 years. His brother died two years ago, so I am happy that he has a new buddy.

Despite the fear of snow, Thursday was the most successful Humane Lobby Day to date, with more than 50 participants!

The day started with an interactive presentation by Rep. Hans Dunshee of District 44 (co-sponsor of the spay-neuter assistance bill and the prevention of animal cruelty bill).

Rep. Dunshee captivated the audience with his broad knowledge of this session’s animal welfare bills. (He even posed for our "team photo" with Abby the PAWS Humane Education wonder dog.)

After two hours of briefing, dozens of bagels, and a sea of coffee, attendees headed off to visit with their representatives. Topics on the agenda included: strengthening animal cruelty enforcement (HB 1147 & SSB 5065), anti-tethering protection for dogs (HB 1755 & SB 5649), creating a spay-neuter assistance program (HB 1226 & SB 5151), opposing the hunting of cougars with hounds (HB 1124 & SB 5356), and the battery cage initiative (I-1130).

Among the 50 attendees, were a unique group of youngsters from the Seattle Jewish Community School. These fourth-graders are veterans of the PAWS Humane Education Program and have won national awards for their essays on circuses that exploit animals.

After taking some tours and running their own mock legislative session, these little lobbyists sat with Rep. David Frockt and Sen. Scott White (of their own District 46). Their lobby was well prepared, well written, and amazingly persuasive.

Lobby-Day-5 Lobby-Day-6

Look for more on this group in the upcoming spring edition of our PAWS magazine!






Moonlight strolls, candlelight kibble, cuddling, rubber chew toys, car rides (Whoo-hoo!), and giving big kisses!

Dislikes: Mean people, Rainy Saturdays when I have to stay inside, Chuck Wagon dog food, and more than anything - fake throws.

About me:
Before I came to PAWS, I had an owner that wasn't so nice. In fact, he broke my leg while trying to discipline me. The King County Regional Animal Services took me in and fixed my leg, and I stayed there for ten months.

I like it now at PAWS because I get walked all the time by some really nice volunteers. They play ball with me, and sometimes give me these really tasty cookies! Even so, I'm longing for a forever family that has a little bit of room, a little experience with dogs, and a whole lot of love!

PAWS_ValentinesDay It’s already mid-February, putting us firmly into 2011. Time certainly flies! But many deserving dogs and cats who arrived at PAWS in 2010 are still waiting for a forever family to give their love to.

February 13 through the end of February, adopt any animal that arrived at PAWS in 2010 for only $20.

We love every animal that we take care of, but nothing can compare to a forever family and home.

So visit one of the animals listed below today and find out what true love is. It’ll be the best commitment you’ve ever made.

Dogs whose big brown eyes have been looking since 2010:

Beckham - adopted!
Shadow - adopted!
Marley - adopted!
Finn - adopted!

Cats whose purrs haven’t found a home since 2010:

Kimora - adopted!
Miss Sunshine - adopted!
Wahler - adopted!
Mingty *
Cali *
Samantha  - adopted!
Victoria - adopted!
Farcus *
Nee-Coh - adopted!
Cashmere *
Taylor *
Jack - adopted!
Scooby & Baby - adopted!
Hannah - adopted!
Winslow - adopted!

All the animals above can be visited at PAWS in Lynnwood, except for those listed with a * (visit these guys at PAWS Cat City in University District) or ** (this cat can be seen at Sunset Hill Veterinary Clinic in Ballard).

6a0120a5ed5e54970b0148c87e57cc970c-320wi[1] After fully recovering from his cat-inflicted injuries, the Fox Sparrow was returned to the wild in Mountlake Terrace. It will still take him a few weeks more to finish growing back his missing feathers, but he was a very capable flyer even with this slight handicap.

You can help this Fox Sparrow and other wild birds by keeping your cat safely contained. To learn more, see the Pets and Wildlife fact sheet on the PAWS website.

CAS_Dog_04[1] Humane Lobby Day is next Thursday, February 17. This session is proving to be fast and furious and our fight for animal protections is in the thick of it. Don’t delay! Sign up today to join us in Olympia for Washington Humane Lobby Day.  Please pass this on to family, friends and co-workers.

To participate in Humane Lobby Day, you don’t need to be an expert in lobbying or legislation. Simply show up the day of and we’ll prep you with all you need to know to meet with your legislators.

Still not sure? Read below for more answers to frequently asked questions about attending Humane Lobby Day.

Why should I attend Humane Lobby Day?

You’d be amazed how a small number of people can change the course of a bill and impact future legislation. Your legislators want to hear from you—the people who put them in office—and Humane Lobby Day is the perfect group experience to meet your representatives face-to-face about issues that matter to you.

What kind of animal-related legislation are we fighting for this year?

2011 is an exciting year to support animals. Many bills are up, including: strengthening animal cruelty enforcement (HB 1147 & SSB 5065), anti-tethering protection for dogs (HB 1755 & SB 5649), and safeguarding  cougars from being hunted with hounds (HB 1124 & SB 5356).

What will I learn at Humane Lobby Day?

You’ll learn about 2011 legislation that impacts animals, and key talking points about each, to help you in your meetings with legislators. You’ll also get tips on how to appropriately meet with your legislators.

How long is the event?

The event runs from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and will be filled with presentations about the issues, lobbying basics, special guest legislators, snack breaks, and chances to network with other animal-welfare groups. If you can’t attend the entire day, don’t worry. Simply let us know and we’ll tell you when your scheduled appointment is with your legislators so you can plan your trip accordingly.

How will I get there?

It’s ideal to get a group together to carpool to Olympia. We will be sending out an update the week of the event concerning where the meeting room is. To help you determine your trip now, visit the Washington State Legislature website for a campus map, visitor parking and intercity transit shuttles.

What should I wear?

You’ll want to make a good impression during your meetings, so dress in a manner that shows respect for the office. No need for a three-piece suit, but slacks and a nice shirt are fine. Also, wear comfortable shoes as you may have to walk across campus more than once.

Your help preserving past victories and gaining support for animal protections will be paramount this year. Now is your chance to talk to your newly elected officials and incumbents in person. RSVP for Washington's Humane Lobby Day today and help shape future policy that impacts animals!

With your help, PAWS and our partner organizations can make a difference for animals in 2011.