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Silver-haired-Bat-110002-in-cage-web Silver-haired-Bat-110002-in-cage-web2 This Silver-haired Bat was found on the ground near a home in Everett, WA on January 2. The homeowner that discovered the bat reported that he found him lying on his back, barely moving.

At this time of year, Silver-haired Bats in Washington State are usually in hibernation. On the west side of the Cascade Mountains they may rouse briefly during periods of warmer weather during the winter, but they mostly remain dormant. It's likely that this bat was disturbed from his winter roost and ran into trouble when he was unable to quickly find alternate shelter.

He will spend the remaining winter months in care at the PAWS Wildlife Center. We are housing him in an unheated building so he will be able to continue his hibernation, but his enclosure contains food and water in case he chooses to rouse and feed on warmer days.


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Nice work saving this bat during hibernation. This is especially critical as white nose syndrome makes it's assault accross the country.

Thanks for the enjoyable read, as Dave had commented absolutely nice work saving this bat. I work in humane bat removal in the Columbus, Ohio area and white nose syndrome is a big fear to all of us who understand how important bats really are. If anyone would like a trove of information regarding bats and their usefulness feel free to take a look at http://propestmen.com/ohio/index Thanks again for the read and great work.

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