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Volunteer Dog Walker Christian Dobrick joins the PAWS Blog team today and will be regularly updating with photos of the dogs he interacts with.

Hi there! I have been volunteering at PAWS since PAWSwalk in September of 2010. I started because I used to have a fear of dogs. Now once a week and usually on holidays I am fortunate enough to spend time will all these little (and big!) guys. I enjoy every minute of it.


Frankie. Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd.

He's a big guy with lots of good energy.



Apple. Pit Bull.

Quiet, friendly girl. She's got cool diamond shaped patch of white on the back of her neck too.



Cole. German Shorthair Pointer.

My first encounter with a member of the pointer family. He's a great guy, comes right up and leans into you. I'd take him home myself if I could. (no treats were used in obtaining this photo)



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these guys are awesome, I love them all.

i like the at paws

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