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Baby (left) and Scooby (right) are a bonded pair of cats. Baby, a grey and white cat. Scooby, a grey Tabby cat. Last week, just before the grand opening of the new PAWS Cat City location in U District, I got the chance to preview the space. I was excited at how nice and roomy it was for the people visiting, and especially for the cats.

But I was even more excited when I met Scooby and Baby, a bonded pair of boys whose kitty love melted my usually cynical demeanor into a baby-talking mess.

Baby, grey with white patches, looks forward to getting petted, taking just a short time before he is comfortable and up on your lap asking for more. He is the shyer of the two boys, and tends to hide especially when children are around.

Scooby, a grey tabby, is the best friend you never knew you had. Approach him and he is in your lap, ready to get to know you and let you know he liked you the second he saw you. As soon as he saw me even glance in his direction, he was rolling on his side and purring at me. (That's my hand you see scritching at his chin in the photo below and right.)

Between these two there is never a dull moment or an empty lap. On top of that they enjoy each other's company. Because they're such great companions, they won't get lonely if they need to be left alone for a period of time (for work or school, for example). They've both lived with other cats and dogs, too.

Come and visit these outgoing cats at the new PAWS Cat City location. Their adoption fee is $135 for both of them. You won't be sorry you stopped by!


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