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Ruddy-Duck-102814-in-pool-120310-web This Ruddy Duck was found in a parking lot in downtown Seattle on December 3.

It is likely that the duck crash landed in the lot after mistaking the wet pavement for the surface of a body of water as he flew overhead. A concerned citizen captured the duck and brought him to PAWS for treatment.

During his physical exam, our staff discovered that the bird was badly dehydrated. He was likely in the parking lot for some time. He also had signs of a hemorrhage around his nares (nostrils), but no serious trauma was evident.

After examining the duck and giving him subcutaneous fluid, PAWS staff placed the bird in a pool. He immediately began to drink.

The Ruddy Duck is currently stable and may require further diagnostic tests to determine whether or not he fractured any bones during his impact with the pavement.


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