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Northern-Saw-whet-Owl-102852-in-Ward-cage-121610-KM_web This adult Northern Saw-whet Owl was found in a bush in Shoreline, WA on December 15. A mob of crows that was surrounding the owl drew the attention of a nearby homeowner who captured the owl and brought him to PAWS.

After being examined by both the PAWS wildlife rehabilitators and veterinary staff, the owl was found to be in good health and injury free. His flight was perfect and his body condition was excellent. He had most likely hidden in the dense bush in which he had been found to avoid being attacked by the crows. The thick tangle of branches had made it difficult for him to escape quickly enough to avoid being captured by the concerned homeowner.

By the time you read this we will have released the owl back in Shoreline, but well after nightfall when the crows have gone to sleep.


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