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Northern-Flicker-102839-cat-attack-in-Ward-cage-121610-KM-(1)_web This Northern Flicker was brought to us at PAWS Wildlife Center on December 9 after he was attacked by two outdoor house cats in Mountlake Terrace, WA.

During the attack the bird suffered multiple lacerations, contusions and abrasions on his head, chest and feet. He also suffered head trauma and some internal injuries.

When he was first admitted, the flicker could not stand, and he had difficulty keeping his head and body in an upright position. We gave him supportive care and started him on a regimen of antibiotics to prevent his wounds from becoming infected.

As of this writing the flicker has shown significant improvement. His wounds are healing well and he is now able to perch on logs in normal woodpecker fashion.


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i cant understand why people refuse to keep their cats inside their houses and their dogs on leash or otherwise penned. when are they going to understand how dangerous it is to the pets and other animals?

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