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Great-Blue-Heron-102811-in-ward-cage-web A homeowner in Mukilteo found this Great Blue Heron walking around in her yard on December 1. The bird was unable to fly when approached, and he had a visible wound on top of his beak.

The woman was able to catch the bird and bring him to PAWS. Our staff examined the heron and found that he was extremely thin, hypothermic and anemic. The bird was given a transfusion of a synthetic blood replacement product in addition to IV fluids and other supportive care.

As of this writing he was stable and awaiting further diagnostic tests by the PAWS wildlife veterinary team.


UPDATE 12/10/10: Sadly, this beautiful animal didn't make it. The heron made some initial improvement with the fluids, treatment and supportive care we provided. Following the initial improvement, however, his condition deteriorated. Despite multiple examinations and tests, we were unable to confirm the underlying cause of his anemia (liver disease and bone marrow suppression are suspected) and because of his worsening prognosis, he was humanely euthanized to avoid further suffering.



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