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Black-Bear-102854-Exam-PAWS This Black Bear cub was transferred to PAWS from Sarvey Wildlife Center in Arlington, WA on December 16. A Sarvey staff member had captured the cub in Goldbar, WA after receiving reports that she was sitting on the roof of a private residence for two days with no sign of her mother.

Prior to her capture, the cub was clearly having difficulty finding food. When she was admitted to PAWS she weighed only 18 pounds, although she is the same age as the other 5 cubs currently in our care who weigh between 80-120 pounds.

Fortunately, despite her small stature she is in good health. Now that she has steady meals she is sure to put on weight quickly in preparation for her release in the spring.


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How comforting to read that this little one could recover from a dire situation. Thank you PAWS along those concerned individuals who reach out for help when they find wildlife in distress.

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