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Sure, she’s not “cute” in the traditional sense, and perhaps her meow does sound a little like Bea Arthur doing a cat impression, but that’s what makes Mia so great!

Mia’s seen a lot in her 12 years and is ready to take life easy in her golden age. Mia would like a home that is quiet and does not have any other cats or children. Most of the time she’s sweet and delightful and loves being petted and brushed, but there are times when she would prefer to be left alone and not be bothered. She’ll let you know when it’s time to snuggle.
Also, it’s a lot harder to keep one’s girlish figure after middle age, so Mia has become a plus-sized cat. But with some guidance from our adoption counselors, you’ll be set to help her shed a few pounds once she’s in her new home.
If you’re looking for a quirky, but loving personality to share your home with, Mia just might be your gal! She acts aloof, but she’d really love a visit, so come by PAWS Cat City and say hello today.

As a bonus, during our Home for the Holidays adoption special, Mia's adoption fee is reduced to just $60.



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Nice and soooo funny animal.

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