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As you’ve probably heard, PAWS Cat City is moving to a shiny new location at 5200 Roosevelt Way NE Suite B for the new year.  Our last day open to the public in our current Greenwood location will be Sunday, December 26th.  Then we’ll be busy packing, cleaning, setting up and unpacking!  We hope to reopen on Roosevelt in early January (stay tuned for an official date).  Meanwhile, here are some photos of the construction progress…

The space used to be a coffee shop, then a dance studio.  Here are a couple shots of what it looked like before we started.

Front wall, pre-construction Looking out at the front entrance, future site of reception, retail and colony rooms

Back wall, pre-construction The back wall with its kooky Moroccan doorway, future site of the cat condos, handwashing station and entrance to the work room

By late November, we were skeletal.  Demolition was complete, the ceiling painted, the wood floor was pulled up under the colony rooms (for cleanliness), the walls were framed and the colony windows about ready for installation.

Front wall, late November A view of the 3 colony rooms from the entry doors

Reception, late November From the entrance looking at our future reception area, with drywall ready for install

Back wall, late November The back wall with cabinets removed, doorway framed for a non-Moroccan door and corner cut out for more space

By mid-December, the drywall was up, windows and doors installed, and painting mostly complete.

Entrance, mid-December The entrance and some colony rooms

Back wall, mid-December The back wall with new door, awaiting cabinets.  On the left is the corner of the visit room and a bit of the hallway to the bathroom


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