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15 posts from December 2010

Wood-Duck-102781-in-Stagman-cage,-120310-web On November 24 this Wood Duck was found in the road in Seattle. He had dried blood on his bill and neck, and was unable to fly. He was picked up by a concerned citizen and taken to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

From there, he was transferred to PAWS for care. Our staff examined the duck and found that he was thin and anemic, and he had suffered a fracture to his left scapula (shoulder blade). Most likely he had flown low across the road and had been hit by a car.

He is under veterinary care as his fracture heals and we are hopeful he will make a full recovery.

Ruddy-Duck-102814-in-pool-120310-web This Ruddy Duck was found in a parking lot in downtown Seattle on December 3.

It is likely that the duck crash landed in the lot after mistaking the wet pavement for the surface of a body of water as he flew overhead. A concerned citizen captured the duck and brought him to PAWS for treatment.

During his physical exam, our staff discovered that the bird was badly dehydrated. He was likely in the parking lot for some time. He also had signs of a hemorrhage around his nares (nostrils), but no serious trauma was evident.

After examining the duck and giving him subcutaneous fluid, PAWS staff placed the bird in a pool. He immediately began to drink.

The Ruddy Duck is currently stable and may require further diagnostic tests to determine whether or not he fractured any bones during his impact with the pavement.

Great-Blue-Heron-102811-in-ward-cage-web A homeowner in Mukilteo found this Great Blue Heron walking around in her yard on December 1. The bird was unable to fly when approached, and he had a visible wound on top of his beak.

The woman was able to catch the bird and bring him to PAWS. Our staff examined the heron and found that he was extremely thin, hypothermic and anemic. The bird was given a transfusion of a synthetic blood replacement product in addition to IV fluids and other supportive care.

As of this writing he was stable and awaiting further diagnostic tests by the PAWS wildlife veterinary team.


UPDATE 12/10/10: Sadly, this beautiful animal didn't make it. The heron made some initial improvement with the fluids, treatment and supportive care we provided. Following the initial improvement, however, his condition deteriorated. Despite multiple examinations and tests, we were unable to confirm the underlying cause of his anemia (liver disease and bone marrow suppression are suspected) and because of his worsening prognosis, he was humanely euthanized to avoid further suffering.


6a0120a5ed5e54970b013488826117970c-320wi[1] In these tough economic times, communities across the state are making difficult budgetary decisions, often involving the cutting of services. During the budgeting process, Snohomish County considered eliminating funding for the shelter service contract it had with PAWS for over 20 years. In 2009 alone, PAWS took in more than 1,200 stray cats and dogs from unincorporated Snohomish County.

Fortunately, after listening to the concerns of citizens and PAWS, the County Council voted to retain the funding necessary to support this important service.

We are very appreciative of the Council's support and understanding of the importance of providing citizens with two convenient and reliable options when they find a stray cat or dog—the PAWS Companion Animal Shelter and the Everett Animal Shelter. This is great news for the animals and citizens of Snohomish County.

Thank you also to our supporters who live and do business in Snohomish County who reached out to the County Council and other key figures to help PAWS retain this contract and provide this important service to our community.

Erica1-web Erica2-web Erica is a gorgeous, lean Tortie girl. This year-and-a-half-old girl loves to play! She can be very affectionate once she gets to know you and can be talkative, too.

If you think Erica would be a good fit for your fun-loving family, visit her at PAWS Cat City right away. Now is the time to adopt!

During our Home for the Holidays cat and dog adoption special, her adoption fee is just $72, a full 20% off the normal fee.

And that still includes our great package of essentials: her initial vaccinations, a microchip, her spay surgery (already completed), a carrier, and a free visit to a local veterinarian.