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15 posts from December 2010

Make a tax-deductible year-end donation to help the animals at PAWS   
As 2010 comes to a close, I want to extend a very heartfelt thank you for your support this year.

Looking forward to the New Year, I hope you’ll take a moment to make an end of the year tax-deductible donation for the animals at PAWS before December 31.

Your gift will help sustain our life-saving work this winter and throughout 2011.

Do you have Capricorn friends that you need birthday gifts for? Didn’t get the PAWS calendar or the logo sweatshirt that was on your wish list? To find last minute gifts, shop online or stop by PAWS in Lynnwood to shop for PAWS gear, or to make a gift in honor of someone.

And, if you’re looking for something truly special for the wildlife lover in your life, check out our new Wildlife Sponsorship Program. You’ll feel great knowing proceeds from your purchases will benefit the animals in care.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and humane New Year!

~ Annette

P.S. Don’t miss the December 31 deadline to make a 2010 tax-deductible donation by sending your gift to the animals today! Thank you.


Black-Bear-102854-Exam-PAWS This Black Bear cub was transferred to PAWS from Sarvey Wildlife Center in Arlington, WA on December 16. A Sarvey staff member had captured the cub in Goldbar, WA after receiving reports that she was sitting on the roof of a private residence for two days with no sign of her mother.

Prior to her capture, the cub was clearly having difficulty finding food. When she was admitted to PAWS she weighed only 18 pounds, although she is the same age as the other 5 cubs currently in our care who weigh between 80-120 pounds.

Fortunately, despite her small stature she is in good health. Now that she has steady meals she is sure to put on weight quickly in preparation for her release in the spring.

Since the beginning, many adopters have sent us letters and photos, updating us on the happy lives of the animals they adopted from PAWS. Now, they also share updates on Facebook and via e-mail. However they get to us, we love them!

Here are just a few of the recent updates and photos of once-homeless animals who are now having happy holidays indeed.

JerseyInBed Carli: I adopted "Jersey" today from PAWS Cat City, and now she's relaxing in her new bed!















GoldieCouch Hannah: My boyfriend, family, and I adopted Goldie about 2 weeks ago from Lynnwood Paws! Here is Goldie on the couch all comfy in her new home! Such a sweetie.







Emma Caitlin: Emma - our now 2-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix whom we adopted from PAWS in January. Never without a ball in her mouth!















Tova Hannah: Tova nee Stella has settled in quickly to her new home. She is such an affectionate cat that she loves anyone who comes near her, making it impossible for us not to love her in turn.






MiaBarley Caitlin: Mia and Barley (formerly Paisley and Egypt) from Cat City, settling into their home. We've had them for a month now and they are well-behaved, talkative purr-machines and we love them to pieces.






And finally, we also received this wonderfully touching update and photo from Marie:

Ranger Hi PAWS!! I meant to mail you a photo of my dog, Ranger, many years ago. Just to say thank you once again for giving me such a wonderful best friend. We got each other in 1990 in Seattle and we were together until he passed in 2002. I still miss him so much. He was a WONDERFUL friend and companion. THANK YOU!!













Thank you to all of our supporters who have helped us give thousands of beautiful animals a reason to be happy during the holidays, this year and for many years past.

Northern-Saw-whet-Owl-102852-in-Ward-cage-121610-KM_web This adult Northern Saw-whet Owl was found in a bush in Shoreline, WA on December 15. A mob of crows that was surrounding the owl drew the attention of a nearby homeowner who captured the owl and brought him to PAWS.

After being examined by both the PAWS wildlife rehabilitators and veterinary staff, the owl was found to be in good health and injury free. His flight was perfect and his body condition was excellent. He had most likely hidden in the dense bush in which he had been found to avoid being attacked by the crows. The thick tangle of branches had made it difficult for him to escape quickly enough to avoid being captured by the concerned homeowner.

By the time you read this we will have released the owl back in Shoreline, but well after nightfall when the crows have gone to sleep.

As you’ve probably heard, PAWS Cat City is moving to a shiny new location at 5200 Roosevelt Way NE Suite B for the new year.  Our last day open to the public in our current Greenwood location will be Sunday, December 26th.  Then we’ll be busy packing, cleaning, setting up and unpacking!  We hope to reopen on Roosevelt in early January (stay tuned for an official date).  Meanwhile, here are some photos of the construction progress…

The space used to be a coffee shop, then a dance studio.  Here are a couple shots of what it looked like before we started.

Front wall, pre-construction Looking out at the front entrance, future site of reception, retail and colony rooms

Back wall, pre-construction The back wall with its kooky Moroccan doorway, future site of the cat condos, handwashing station and entrance to the work room

By late November, we were skeletal.  Demolition was complete, the ceiling painted, the wood floor was pulled up under the colony rooms (for cleanliness), the walls were framed and the colony windows about ready for installation.

Front wall, late November A view of the 3 colony rooms from the entry doors

Reception, late November From the entrance looking at our future reception area, with drywall ready for install

Back wall, late November The back wall with cabinets removed, doorway framed for a non-Moroccan door and corner cut out for more space

By mid-December, the drywall was up, windows and doors installed, and painting mostly complete.

Entrance, mid-December The entrance and some colony rooms

Back wall, mid-December The back wall with new door, awaiting cabinets.  On the left is the corner of the visit room and a bit of the hallway to the bathroom

Sure, she’s not “cute” in the traditional sense, and perhaps her meow does sound a little like Bea Arthur doing a cat impression, but that’s what makes Mia so great!

Mia’s seen a lot in her 12 years and is ready to take life easy in her golden age. Mia would like a home that is quiet and does not have any other cats or children. Most of the time she’s sweet and delightful and loves being petted and brushed, but there are times when she would prefer to be left alone and not be bothered. She’ll let you know when it’s time to snuggle.
Also, it’s a lot harder to keep one’s girlish figure after middle age, so Mia has become a plus-sized cat. But with some guidance from our adoption counselors, you’ll be set to help her shed a few pounds once she’s in her new home.
If you’re looking for a quirky, but loving personality to share your home with, Mia just might be your gal! She acts aloof, but she’d really love a visit, so come by PAWS Cat City and say hello today.

As a bonus, during our Home for the Holidays adoption special, Mia's adoption fee is reduced to just $60.


Northern-Flicker-102839-cat-attack-in-Ward-cage-121610-KM-(1)_web This Northern Flicker was brought to us at PAWS Wildlife Center on December 9 after he was attacked by two outdoor house cats in Mountlake Terrace, WA.

During the attack the bird suffered multiple lacerations, contusions and abrasions on his head, chest and feet. He also suffered head trauma and some internal injuries.

When he was first admitted, the flicker could not stand, and he had difficulty keeping his head and body in an upright position. We gave him supportive care and started him on a regimen of antibiotics to prevent his wounds from becoming infected.

As of this writing the flicker has shown significant improvement. His wounds are healing well and he is now able to perch on logs in normal woodpecker fashion.

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Make a donation in his/her honor!
To make a holiday donation in honor of a friend, family member or animal in your life, you can contribute to the animals at PAWS online. You’ll be helping the animals at PAWS, and we’ll send a special card to your honoree.

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Gifts and purchases made this holiday season help the animals in our care today, and will help thousands more in the year ahead. Thank you!

Golden-crowned-Sparrow-102831-KM-web This Golden-crowned Sparrow was brought to the PAWS Wildlife Center on December 6 after he was attacked by a house cat.

He suffered multiple puncture wounds and lacerations on his back and rump during the attack and some of his feathers were broken or lost. He was also having difficulty extending the toes on his left foot, likely due to muscle injury that resulted when he was bitten by the cat.

PAWS staff cleaned and dressed his wounds, applied a splint to his left foot and placed him on antibiotics to stave off an infection.

As of this writing he was stable, but not yet out of danger from his injuries.

Golden-crowned Sparrows spend the winter in our state but migrate north to Alaska and northern Canada in spring. Keep your eye out for these winter visitors and keep them safe by keeping your cats indoors or safely contained in an outdoor cat enclosure.

Apollo-1 Apollo-2 Apollo is a fun-loving lab mix who is three years old and loves to play!

This high-energy boy is friendly, sweet and eager to please. Apollo gets along great with other dogs and has a boisterous play style.

Because of his energetic play style, he would be best suited in a home with kids ages 7 and older who will give him all the exercise he needs.

Apollo would love to meet you so come see him at PAWS in Lynnwood, WA.

During the Home for the Holidays adoption special, his adoption fee is just $80 (that's 20% off!). And that still includes a great package of essentials: his initial vaccinations, a microchip, his neuter surgery (already completed), and a free visit to a local veterinarian.