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Shelter life is often stressful and lonely for cats. At PAWS, our volunteers and staff ensure the cats get plenty of one-on-one petting and play time, and those who are at PAWS Cat City have plenty of room to roam in our colony-style setting. But, there are still many cats at PAWS Companion Animal Shelter who spend a fair amount of time  in their enclosures alone. 

Cwoodwardthumb That's why we give the cats these special scratchers that allow them to stretch their legs and paws, as well as keep their nails trim. It gives them a little more comfort and allows them to demonstrate their natural scratching behavior in an appropriate way until we can match them with a forever family.

Will you donate a scratcher to the cats, or one of the other items on our wish list to help the cats, dogs and wildlife at PAWS?

All donations can be shipped directly to PAWS (be sure to change the shipping address on the final step of checkout!), or brought to the same address during our normal shelter hours.

PAWS Companion Animal Shelter
15305 44th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98087

Send us a quick e-mail at donations@paws.org after you order to ensure we can get you a tax receipt for your generosity.

Thank you!



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