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Red-throated-Loon-in-pool-Web On October 30, PAWS Wildlife Center received 40 water birds from the Ocean Shores area that had been blown ashore by recent windstorms on the coast. Most were extremely thin, and many had minor injuries or dirty feathers due to being tossed in the surf and lying on the rough sand of the beach.

PAWS staff and volunteers have been working diligently since the 30th to return the birds to good health and clean their feathers to restore their waterproofing. While some of the birds have succumbed to their injuries or emaciated condition, others have responded quite well. As of this writing, we had already released several loons and scoters.

Clockwise from upper right: Red-throated Loon, Surf Scoter, White-winged Scoter, Western Grebes, Northern Fulmar

Northern-Fulmar-in-pool-Web   Surf-Scoter-F-in-pool-Web

Western-Grebes-in-pool-Web   White-winged-Scoter-M,-in-pool-Web


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