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19 posts from November 2010

Northern-Saw-whet-Owl-102723-in-ward-cage-110910-KM-(1)-rt-cc This Northern Saw-whet Owl was found on Nov 8 sitting in the middle of a Seattle street. He did not fly away when approached and was easily captured by a concerned member of the public.

The bird was admitted to PAWS Wildlife Center on Nov 9.  Although the owl had no signs of broken bones or other obvious injuries, he was still behaving in a depressed manner. It was believed that he either struck a window or had been struck by a car and suffered minor head trauma. Hopefully he will recover quickly.

Brewster First a happy update: Construction began yesterday at the new PAWS Cat City location in the University District. With a target of moving in to the new space by mid-December, things should be progressing quickly from here.

We also wanted to make a slight correction to our last post which announced the move and our new address. The new location is actually 5200 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite B. We are not taking over the space occupied by the I Love New York Deli. They are our welcoming new neighbors in Suite A.


In the photo: Brewster is available for adoption now at PAWS Cat City, currently still in our Greenwood location.

Ibanez2 Ibanez1 Russet red Ibanez is a beautiful adult Shiba Inu/Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix.

He's a mild-mannered and gentle boy who loves his leash time and is gentle in taking treats.

Ibanez is particularly proud of his long tail, which he waves regularly for all to see.

You can adopt Ibanez at the PAWS Companion Animal Shelter in Lynnwood. His adoption fee is $100, which includes a great package of essentials: his initial vaccinations, a microchip, his neuter surgery (already completed), and a free visit to a local veterinarian.

CAS_CatCity_02 After being in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood for more than 13 years, PAWS Cat City is moving to the University District by mid-December 2010. The new location at 5200 Roosevelt Way NE, will allow us to provide an even better experience for potential adopters, and cats and kittens in need of new homes.

“It was a bittersweet decision,” said PAWS Executive Director Annette Laico. “Greenwood has been such a supportive, loving community, and we want to thank everyone for the many great years there. It is hard to say farewell. At the same time we’re excited for the possibilities at the new location.”

Our new space on Roosevelt Way NE, just a couple of blocks north of NE 50th Street, has parking, is close to I-5, will allow room for more cats and kittens, and provides a warm, inviting lobby for visitors.

In 2009, we found homes for more than 850 cats and kittens through this satellite cat adoption center. With a relaxed atmosphere, and cats and kittens lounging in rooms instead of cages, PAWS Cat City has become the premier Seattle area location to adopt a cat companion. The setting allows us to give potential adopters an opportunity to mingle with the cats, observe cats and kittens as they play and interact with each other, and get a better sense of each cat’s unique personality.

UPDATE: The new address of PAWS Cat City will be 5200 Roosevelt Way NE Suite B. We are not taking over the space occupied by the I Love New York Deli. They will be our new neighbors in Suite A.

Dori1 Dori2 By all accounts, this winter is supposed to be a cold, tough one in our area. But the La Nina winter is no match for this fantastic, purring lap warmer!

Dori is a lovable young female Tabby who clearly loves to play cute for the camera. She is a lot of fun to be with, and will curl right up in your lap for some good snuggle time.

She is super sweet, and would be a fantastic addition to any family and home.

Come meet this lover at PAWS in Lynnwood. Her adoption fee is $90 which includes a great package of essentials: her initial vaccinations, a microchip, her spay surgery (already completed), a carrier, and a free visit to a local veterinarian.

Great-Horned-Owl-102351-Wound-Management-092210-KM-(26)-webOn Thursday October 28, a Great Horned Owl returned to her home on Whidbey Island after completing care at the PAWS Wildlife Center. It had been more than six weeks since she last flew free in her home territory. The owner of the property on which the owl was released had found the bird tangled in a soccer net on September 10. In her struggle to free herself, the owl had injured her left wing. The property owner and her son cut the owl free and brought her to PAWS for care.

The leading edge of the owl’s left wing had been cut and deeply scraped by the netting in which she had been entangled. The injury looked relatively minor, but if it healed improperly scar tissue could form that would reduce the owl’s range of movement in that wing. To avoid that possibility, PAWS Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. John Huckabee checked on the owl daily during her first week of care and made sure that the wound site stayed clean and the skin stayed flexible. As it became clear that the wound was healing well, the checkups were reduced in frequency, but the bird was still monitored closely for any sign of complications. Fortunately, none developed.

Great-Horned-Owl-102351-Release-102810-KM-(19)---web The Great Horned Owl wasted little time exiting her carrier at her release. A nearby Steller’s Jay began to sound an alarm as the owl appeared and many other small songbirds quickly joined in. The owl paid them little attention as she flew to a branch in a nearby fir tree and began to assess her surroundings. Her flight from transport carrier to fir branch was flawless, and her landing was very graceful. We could see no sign of any lingering ill effects from her unfortunate soccer net encounter. As darkness fell we left her alone to enjoy her newfound freedom.

Shelter life is often stressful and lonely for cats. At PAWS, our volunteers and staff ensure the cats get plenty of one-on-one petting and play time, and those who are at PAWS Cat City have plenty of room to roam in our colony-style setting. But, there are still many cats at PAWS Companion Animal Shelter who spend a fair amount of time  in their enclosures alone. 

Cwoodwardthumb That's why we give the cats these special scratchers that allow them to stretch their legs and paws, as well as keep their nails trim. It gives them a little more comfort and allows them to demonstrate their natural scratching behavior in an appropriate way until we can match them with a forever family.

Will you donate a scratcher to the cats, or one of the other items on our wish list to help the cats, dogs and wildlife at PAWS?

All donations can be shipped directly to PAWS (be sure to change the shipping address on the final step of checkout!), or brought to the same address during our normal shelter hours.

PAWS Companion Animal Shelter
15305 44th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98087

Send us a quick e-mail at donations@paws.org after you order to ensure we can get you a tax receipt for your generosity.

Thank you!


Sony2 Sony1 A gentle, friendly guy, Sony gets along great with everybody - other dogs as well as people.

He especially loves kids, and couldn't be happier when you take him on walks.

Sony is also playful, and the most loyal friend you could ever have. A true gentleman, he will make one lucky family happy for years to come!

Come visit Sony at PAWS in Lynnwood, WA. His adoption fee is $75, which includes a great package of essentials: his initial vaccinations, a microchip, his neuter surgery (already completed), and a free visit to a local veterinarian.

Hermit Thrush 102608 in ward aquarium 102010 touche up KM This Hermit Thrush was admitted to PAWS Wildlife Center on October 19.

The bird had struck a window and suffered a head injury. We took this photo about 24 hours after he was admitted. He is expected to fully recover and be released back into the wild.

Birds flying into windows are sadly a common occurrence. Read more about what causes them to do this, and how you can help prevent it.