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Sam2-web Sam1-web Sam is a unique mix (Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler/Pit Bull Terrier) with a unique personality.

At a year and a half old, Sam is kind, gentle, and a fast-learner. He sits on command and cannot help but play softly when a tug rope is introduced. He loves other dogs, long walks, and a good rub in the afternoon.

His brown and white coat gleams in the sun and he especially enjoys lounging when hot days are available (this winter won't last forever!). Sam is smart and knows how to hide his toys so that a playmate can easily find them and continue the game.

If you're interested in Sam, please visit PAWS in Lynnwood. His adoption fee is $100, which includes a great package of essentials: his initial vaccinations, a microchip, his neuter surgery (already completed), and a free visit to a local veterinarian.

Nov 25

Thank you!

Sony_web As we sit down to celebrate our friendships and family this Thanksgiving Day, I give my heartfelt thanks to every one of PAWS’ friends who give second chances to animals in need.

Without our family of supporters, the work we do would not be possible. It’s your help that has saved the lives of the animals you see pictured here, and thousands of others this year.

Thank you!

Dori_web   Bobcat_web

HarborSeal_web   Carlton_web


Jake The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year. If welcoming a new furry family member into your home is part of your holiday plans, be sure to stop by PAWS after all your early morning shopping!

This Black Friday, all predominantly black, adult cats and dogs have a reduced adoption fee of just $40! And in case your Friday is so full of shopping you just can't make it in, we're extending the special all weekend long (Nov. 26-28).

Did you know that black dogs and cats are often the last to get adopted from shelters? Did you also know that there's no logical reason why? These dark beauties are some of the greatest companions a family could ever meet, yet they are often overlooked.


Take Jake for example, currently available for adoption at PAWS Cat City. He's a handsome and charming 6-year-old boy with tons of personality. He is engaging and affectionate with a wide-eyed curiosity about life. He loves playing with all kinds of toys and will entertain himself for hours - and then curl up on your lap for some love and attention. Jake is a loving, independent, and delightful boy who needs room to run, play, and express himself. He would prefer a home with an adult audience; and he plans to be the center of your attention, so no other cats please.

Elmer If you're looking for a canine friend, meet Elmer at PAWS in Lynnwood. Elmer is the most energetic and ball-oriented black Lab a person could ever ask for in a companion. He is charming and sensitive when he needs to be, but most of all, Elmer is ready to give one hundred percent of himself to a new companion. He would do best as an only dog without cats, but don't let his picky side fool you, he is ready to give as much attention as he receives.


Elmer would do great in a home with adults and a consistent showering of love. His favorite game is fetch, and he knows simple obedience commands.

So come on in this Friday through Sunday and we'll help you find your new best friend!

Merlin-102730-in-ward-cage-Web This immature male Merlin was found on the ground in Seattle on November 10. He was picked up by Seattle Animal Control and transferred to PAWS Wildlife Center for care.

During the bird’s initial physical examination, a PAWS wildlife rehabilitator discovered that he had suffered a fractured humerus in his right wing. She wrapped the wing to prevent the bird from using it and causing further injury. As of this writing, the Merlin was in stable condition.

Red-throated-Loon-in-pool-Web On October 30, PAWS Wildlife Center received 40 water birds from the Ocean Shores area that had been blown ashore by recent windstorms on the coast. Most were extremely thin, and many had minor injuries or dirty feathers due to being tossed in the surf and lying on the rough sand of the beach.

PAWS staff and volunteers have been working diligently since the 30th to return the birds to good health and clean their feathers to restore their waterproofing. While some of the birds have succumbed to their injuries or emaciated condition, others have responded quite well. As of this writing, we had already released several loons and scoters.

Clockwise from upper right: Red-throated Loon, Surf Scoter, White-winged Scoter, Western Grebes, Northern Fulmar

Northern-Fulmar-in-pool-Web   Surf-Scoter-F-in-pool-Web

Western-Grebes-in-pool-Web   White-winged-Scoter-M,-in-pool-Web

The Black Bear being examined by Dr. John Huckabee at PAWS Wildlife Center after he was brought to us by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officers.

On Thursday, November 11, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) contacted PAWS for assistance on examining a young bear found in an Issaquah Highlands stream. The bear, discovered in a neighbor’s creek, appeared as if he could not free himself from a logjam in the stream.

Upon examination at PAWS’ Wildlife Center, it was discovered that the bear—roughly one-year old weighing 135 pounds—had a bullet lodged in his spine. The bear was given a chance to fully recover overnight from the immobilization agents and anesthesia to see if he could use his hind legs.

On Friday morning, PAWS Wildlife Veterinarian, Dr. John Huckabee, examined the bear to find he had complete paralysis in his hind quarters. Unfortunately, the bear had to be humanely euthanized to end his suffering.

PAWS is saddened by this situation but we are pleased that our partnership with WDFW enabled us to assist in the examination and to act quickly in curtailing the suffering for this young bear. We are deeply angered that someone could have shot this bear and let him suffer so.

WDFW is currently carrying out an investigation on the bear shooting. The bullet lodged in the bear's spine will help provide clues about the shooting. If you have any information that can assist in the investigation please contact Captain Bill Hebner at 425.775.1311 x115.

Bears are generally shy, and they try to avoid contact with humans as much as possible however, this is becoming increasingly challenging for them as neighborhoods appear in what was formerly bear habitat. 
WDFW provides very useful information about living with Black Bears to ensure you are not accidentally creating an environment that could attract bears and cause dangerous conflicts. If you find a bear that you think needs help, call PAWS at 425.412.4040 before attempting to approach, pick up or contain the animal.

Red-tailed-Hawk-102715-in-ward-cage-web This young Red-tailed Hawk was found sitting on the ground in Seattle, stunned and apparently unable to fly. He was admitted to PAWS Wildlife Center on November 7.

PAWS staff observed that the hawk was not bearing full weight on his left leg. We took radiographs (X-rays) of the bird and discovered that he had a fracture in his left tibiotarsus (a bone of the lower leg in birds). Because the fracture was not severe, and the bone was still well-aligned, the hawk was simply placed on cage rest to allow time for the injury to heal.

Brewster1-web Brewster2-web Brewster is a very friendly and affectionate 3-year-old boy who will happily jump in any available lap and purr up a storm.

When he's really enjoying himself, he can sometimes give love nips, so it would be best to have a home with older children and a patient guardian. Other than that little quirk, Brewster's as good as they come. Not to mention he's super handsome!

Come on by and meet this gorgeous boy at PAWS Cat City in Seattle. Brewster's adoption fee is $90, which includes a great package of essentials: his initial vaccinations, a microchip, his neuter surgery (already completed), a carrier, and a free visit to a local veterinarian.

During our Home for the Holidays special, adoption fees on all dogs and cats 6 months and older are discounted 20% off the usual cost listed above.

Sally is available for adoption We are pleased to welcome the Sunset Hill Veterinary & Rehabilitation Center in Ballard as PAWS' new offsite cat adoption site! You may remember them from our blog post about the Ballard Seafood Festival, where they helped us adopt out two adorable kittens, and also donated the proceeds from their weekend of dog bathing to PAWS.

They will now be hosting two of our adoptable cats in a lovely cat condo in their lobby. Potential adopters can meet and visit with the cats in their visiting rooms, and then come to PAWS Cat City to adopt them when they fall in love. They've already had their first success story when a lady who met Chloe there adopted her last weekend! 

Bugs is available for adoption

The current residents are Sally, a gentle snuggly girl, and Bugs, a sweet senior fellow.

We are grateful to partners like these who help us get more kitties in front of more potential adopters. Stop by and say hello if you're in Ballard!




Cat condos (surrounded by PAWS volunteers) at Sunset Hill Vet Cat condos (surrounded by PAWS volunteers) at Sunset Hill Vet

Eleanor1-web Eleanor2-web A girl with lots and lots of energy, Eleanor is a five-year-old blond Beagle/Shar Pei mix who would do well as the only dog in an adult home without cats.

This naturally playful and curious canine likes nothing better than to meet and greet other dogs. If the neighborhood could use a social director, Eleanor would be just perfect for the job.

Come meet Eleanor at PAWS in Lynnwood. Her adoption fee is $100, which includes a great package of essentials: her initial vaccinations, a microchip, her spay surgery (already completed), and a free visit to a local veterinarian.