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Every year at this time, we humans have a blast scaring the pants off each other, sharing sugary sweets and out-doing each other with costumes. But for our four-legged family members, Halloween often is a truly scary time. Here are some important tips to keep your pets safe this weekend:

  1. Keep pets inside. During Halloween, leave your pets in a comfortable room with a closed door so they can’t slip outside when the kids come a-knocking for treats. Keeping the radio on will also help reduce anxiety caused by noisy groups and overeager kids.
  2. Do not share candy with your pets. Some types of candy, including sugar-free, can make your pet sick, and chocolate can even cause death. Instead, treat your dogs and cats to biscuits and catnip toys made especially for them.
  3. Make sure Fido’s costume is fun and safe for him. Many folks find dogs in costume to be the cutest thing since that YouTube clip of the surprised kitten. But remember that pets are beings who deserve respect, so please don’t put your dog in a costume unless you are certain he enjoys it. Be sure the costume doesn't restrict his breathing, sight, hearing, or movement. Always make sure the fit isn't constricting, and watch for signs Fido may be getting stressed out.>
  4. Pets should wear collars and tags, and be microchipped. We recommend these steps all year ‘round to ensure your lost pet gets home to you. At stressful holiday times it’s especially important that each of your pets wear a collar and ID tag, and have a registered microchip.
  5. Don’t let that pumpkin start a fire! If you have carved jack-o-lanterns with lit candles burning, a curious cat or excited dog may hurt herself or start a fire. If you do have such Halloween regalia, be sure you place it in a location that is inaccessible to your pets, such as outside (remember #1? you’re keeping them inside, right?) or in an entry blocked by a gate or closed door.


There's nothing spooky about this black kitty. Jake is available for adoption at PAWS Cat City.


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Good article... Halloween and the 4th of July are always hard on my dogs

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