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Northern Harrier in care at PAWS This juvenile Northern Harrier was found sitting on the ground alongside an Oak Harbor road on August 23. He had likely been struck by a car. A local veterinary clinic provided care for the bird for more than two weeks and then transferred him to PAWS on September 10.

On admission, the bird was having difficulty using his left wing. X-rays showed he had a fractured left humerus (equivalent to the large bone in your forearm). Because of the time that had elapsed since the injury occurred, the bone had begun to heal. It was misaligned and would have prevented the bird from flying if it was left as it was.

PAWS Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. John Huckabee gently manipulated the still-pliable fracture site into a more natural position, and fitted the wing with a special pressure bandage designed to move the bone slowly back into the proper position as it heals. It will be a few weeks before we know for sure whether or not this treatment will be successful.


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