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Cedar Waxwing in care at PAWS This beautiful Cedar Waxwing was brought to PAWS last week after being attacked by a cat. She suffered internal injuries and possibly a fracture of one of the bones in her shoulder girdle. She is awaiting X-rays to confirm the shoulder injury, but PAWS' wildlife veterinarian determined she is not stable enough yet to undergo anesthesia for the diagnostic work to be performed.

As mentioned in Kevin Mack's recent blog post, 15 percent of the birds who are brought to PAWS have been injured by pet cats. PAWS' wildlife medical and rehabilitation team will do all that they can to help this Cedar Waxwing heal and get back to the wild as soon as possible.


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Sorry waxwing. My furball does not go outside without me. But for those who do, does putting bells on their collars help at all?

Good question Tiffany. Actually, cats can learn how to walk in a way so the bell doesn't jingle. By the time it does ring as the cat pounces, it's too late for the bird to escape.

It's just simply better for birds and for cats to be supervised when outside, kept safely indoors, or provided a secure outdoor play enclosure.

Thanks for the answer. Good advice to supervise outdoor cats or keep them in an enclosure. My furry friend hangs out in the aviary sometimes, after the ducks have gone to bed.

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