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Aaa_pet_pasngr[1] According to a recent study, 1 in 3 people who drive with their dog in the car admit to being distracted by Fido.

The study, funded by AAA and Kurgo, asked dog guardians how often they drive with their dog and about their habits behind the wheel. Bringing the family dog along for a drive is a common occurrence.

About 80 percent reported doing this, but only 17 percent said they safely secure their dog in the car. Free-roaming dogs in cars create more distractions for drivers, and put the animal at serious risk in the event of a sudden stop.


“Restraining your pet when driving can not only help protect your pet, but you and other passengers in your vehicle,” cautioned Jennifer Huebner-Davidson, AAA National, Traffic Safety Programs manager. “An unrestrained 10-pound dog in a crash at 50 m.p.h. will exert roughly 500 pounds of pressure, while an unrestrained 80-pound dog in a crash at only 30 m.p.h. will exert 2,400 pounds of pressure. Imagine the devastation that can cause to your pet and other occupants of the vehicle.”

In response to the study, the ASPCA has urged motoring pet parents to keep their pets safe and secure in the back seat in a well-ventilated crate, carrier, or specially-designed car harness. If you choose a crate or carrier, make sure it’s large enough for your pet to stand, sit, lie down and turn around in. Read more about the ASPCA’s recommended solutions.

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