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16 posts from September 2010

Band-tailed Pigeon 10-2374 in ward cage 091610 KM This young bird was dropped off at the Woodinville Fire Department on September 12 by someone who must have thought he was in need of help. Upon finding the bird on their doorstep, the fire department transported him to PAWS. Although the pigeon had no injuries and seemed to be in good health, no information was left with the bird so it was not possible to attempt to reunite him with his parents. He will be raised at PAWS until he is mature enough to fend for himself.

The Black Bear cubs currently in care at PAWS Wildlife Center have grown a lot since our last update! You can see they have put on weight, height and girth.

They're also doing a lot of wrestling, a natural behavior in bear cubs that helps them build strength and balance. This is great progress toward their ability to survive on their own when they are eventually released into the remote wild.

Nancy is a super sweet year-and-a-half-old girl with the softest fur. She loves to be brushed on her chin and face or snuggle up under her blanket. Like any teenager, Nancy loves playing with toys, but is equally happy taking a nap on your lap. This little lady would like to be the only cat in your home, so she can have all the attention!

There are still three more days to take advantage of our September cat adoption special. Nancy's adoption fee is $75, which includes a microchip, her spay surgery, initial vaccinations and a free visit with a local veterinarian.

Come meet her at PAWS Cat City in Seattle!

  Nancy_is_for_adoption    Nancy_is_for_adoption 3

Black_Bear You may have heard the recent story about Bellevue City Councilmember John Chelminiak who was attacked by a bear at Lake Wenatchee on Friday. Fortunately, Mr. Chelminiak survived and is on the road to recovery at a Seattle hospital. Bear attacks are extremely rare, but a failed berry crop in Washington State this year has caused a hardship for our ursine neighbors and many have been running into trouble with humans as they search for substitute sources of food.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has posted a news release about the bear attack that includes tips on how to avoid negative interactions with bears, including bringing in pet food and bird seed. Additional information can be found on the Black Bear page of the department’s Living With Wildlife site. Encounters between bears and hikers are also more likely this year. The Washington Trails Association posted information in their blog on bear safety for hikers.

Whether you are in a rural setting or a busy suburb, you should make a conscious effort to remain “bear aware” as we head into the fall season. Again, bear attacks on humans are extremely rare, but a little heightened awareness and preventative action go a long way to avoiding problems with these impressive animals.

Carlton is for adoption at PAWS Carlton is a 1-year-old Pit Bull Terrier who just wants to play all the time! In the video below, he's playing with his buddy at the shelter, Freckles who is also up for adoption

Carlton is incredibly energetic and affectionate, and nothing can get him down! He's happy no matter what, so if you're looking for a dog to brighten your day, he'd be perfect for you. A home without small children would be best, as sometimes he doesn't know his own size and might accidentally knock them down when they're playing. Adopt Carlton today!



Northern Harrier in care at PAWS This juvenile Northern Harrier was found sitting on the ground alongside an Oak Harbor road on August 23. He had likely been struck by a car. A local veterinary clinic provided care for the bird for more than two weeks and then transferred him to PAWS on September 10.

On admission, the bird was having difficulty using his left wing. X-rays showed he had a fractured left humerus (equivalent to the large bone in your forearm). Because of the time that had elapsed since the injury occurred, the bone had begun to heal. It was misaligned and would have prevented the bird from flying if it was left as it was.

PAWS Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. John Huckabee gently manipulated the still-pliable fracture site into a more natural position, and fitted the wing with a special pressure bandage designed to move the bone slowly back into the proper position as it heals. It will be a few weeks before we know for sure whether or not this treatment will be successful.

If you haven’t yet seen or heard PAWS’ ads that are running across a few outlets this September and October in the greater Seattle area, you’re going to love them. I believe they illustrate why PAWS does the work we do, and why we can’t do it without supporters like you in our community. The billboard ad (currently on 15th Ave. West in Seattle, but keep your eye out, as it will move around) and the two radio spots are below, for your viewing and listening pleasure.

We want to give a big thanks to GreenRubino for donating their time and talent creating the ads and campaign, Clear Channel for donating the billboard space and all the others who donated to help get the word out about PAWS.

Let us know what you think!

PAWS_Wildlife_Radio_Ad (Once you click the link, it takes a few seconds to play.)






Cedar Waxwing in care at PAWS This beautiful Cedar Waxwing was brought to PAWS last week after being attacked by a cat. She suffered internal injuries and possibly a fracture of one of the bones in her shoulder girdle. She is awaiting X-rays to confirm the shoulder injury, but PAWS' wildlife veterinarian determined she is not stable enough yet to undergo anesthesia for the diagnostic work to be performed.

As mentioned in Kevin Mack's recent blog post, 15 percent of the birds who are brought to PAWS have been injured by pet cats. PAWS' wildlife medical and rehabilitation team will do all that they can to help this Cedar Waxwing heal and get back to the wild as soon as possible.

Shepherd_Akita_mix_Jerry What a sweetie! Jerry is a good-looking, super smart and spirited charmer who'll win you over before you know it. If there were a bachelor dog reality show on TV, he'd be the winner. Who wouldn't like this debonair dude with a brown head, white body, goldy brown eyes and long waggy tail? Jerry needs plenty of exercise, and would be best in a home with teenagers.

See one more photo of him on his Petfinder profile. Learn more about PAWS' adoption process. Hurry, before someone else snatches him up!


Migration has begun for many bird species, and some of them are running into trouble with human-created danger as they make the journey from their breeding territories to their overwintering habitat.  On September 6, we received a female Western Tanager who suffered head trauma and other injuries when she struck a window.

Western Tanager 102310 window strike, 090810 KM (3)
Windows are a year-round danger to birds as they often reflect nearby vegetation and trick birds into believing they have a free flight path to a perch.  They fly headfirst into the window pane never even knowing it was there.  If you break up the window’s reflective surface by attaching decals, or obscure it from view by hanging wind socks, wind chimes or mylar strips, you will make bird/window collisions far less likely to occur.

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