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The Harbor Seal pup PAWS Wildlife Center has been caring for is gaining weight and growing up fast! You may remember this pup was brought to PAWS by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) after a well-intentioned, but unknowing couple of vacationers took him into their hotel room in Westport, WA, believing him to be abandoned by his mother.

In the first part of this clip, the seal pup is eyeing us curiously, but cautiously. He has maintained a healthy wariness of humans, an important factor for his future survival in the wild. The red tag on his rear flipper is a NOAA Fisheries identification marker used to help monitor the health of marine mammal populations.

He has a healthy appetite, and has learned to hunt for fish (as seen in the last part of the video clip). With all his growth and learning, he is on track for a successful release back into wild waters soon.

Here's another clip of him, this one taken just after his arrival at PAWS. As you can see, he was much smaller then (less than two months ago!).


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