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I recently asked Capt. Steve Baer from the Seattle Fire Department how he and his canine partner Henny are able to raise thousands of dollars every year at PAWSwalk to save animal lives.

Read about their inspiring efforts and learn the tips for their success below. Then register for PAWSwalk online today, and join us for all the fun on Saturday, September 11 at Seattle’s Magnuson Park.

SteveAndHennyOnL1How long have you been participating in PAWSwalk?
I believe this will be our 4th year in a row participating in PAWSwalk.

What got you started?
We first heard about PAWSwalk when my wife and I were dropping off a sick bird to the PAWS Wildlife Center. We found an injured crow on a school playground and felt like we just shouldn’t turn our back on this bird.  So we took him (or her) to PAWS.

What is your favorite part of PAWSwalk?
The first two years of PAWSwalk my favorite part was seeing all the other cool dogs and getting to meet and interact with them both before and during the walk. But, now that I’m a dad with a two-year-old, my favorite part is ducking out early on the walk and taking my daughter to the Magnuson Park playground and watching all the walkers and dogs go by while we swing and slide. It’s a win win for everyone.

Henny at PAWSwalk 2008 Why do you think participating in PAWSwalk is important? Do you feel like it makes a difference?
Now that I’m an adult (or mostly) I’ve realized I can’t take home every stray or injured animal I come across. But by raising money for an organization like PAWS I feel like I’m able to help then in an indirect way, even if I can’t take them home with me.

How do you ask for donations toward your personal PAWSwalk fundraising goal?
Within the Seattle Fire Department I work with a lot of generous people who love animals. Once I let it be known that we’re participating, the donations just start coming.

You’re quite successful each year in your fundraising efforts - why do you think this is?
Every week or so I send out updates on how we’re progressing toward our goal. I also post about PAWSwalk on my Facebook account regularly in the hopes of reminding people that they want to donate.
Ultimately, I’m only successful because of the people who make the donations. I’m just the friendly (yet persistent) catalyst who brings them together with PAWS so they can donate and help make a difference.

Thank you so much to Capt. Baer and Henny for all they have done and continue to do for the animals at PAWS!

You can read more about Henny the Arson Dog, and follow her updates on the Seattle Fire Department website. If you can’t join us for PAWSwalk, please consider making a gift to the animals to help Henny and Capt. Baer toward their fundraising goal.


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Good job Capt. Steve.. I am so happy for what you have done..

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