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Baby looking on at the family cat Are you expecting a new baby, or thinking about starting a family? With all the excitement and emotional and physical stress involved in bringing a new human child into your family, it’s easy to lose sight of the animals in your life who are also completely dependent upon your love and care.

It’s important to start planning ahead of time, to ensure that both your pet’s and human child’s needs are met once new baby arrives.

PAWS has some great resources with tips for integrating new babies into homes with cats and dogs.

  • In our latest PAWS magazine, two families shared their success stories of bringing a new baby home to their formerly pet-centric household.
  • Kay Joubert, PAWS Director of Companion Animal Services, was also recently quoted on the issue in Parent Map magazine.
  • And on our website, we have a resource page on pets and babies, that provides a great set of proactive steps you can take to ensure a happy home and family.

Bringing a new baby into the family doesn’t have to mean giving up or ignoring your beloved, life-long furry companions. Use the resources above, and if you still have concerns or questions, please utilize our free behavior help line for one-on-one answers and solutions.


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