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Carriage crest 1_ecClearly, kids in our community care about animals. PAWS was recently honored by several Penny Harvest schools with donations totaling $2,633.33. Wow, and to think people say a penny doesn’t go far these days.

Thanks to the Penny Harvest program, children nationwide learn the value of every penny and how to help their community. After collecting pennies in the fall, each school selects student representatives to form a Roundtable Group. These student leaders help identify and discuss the issues of their community and then select deserving organizations who best serve these concerns. 

 This year, a whopping 47 percent of Penny Harvest Roundtables identified animal welfare as one of the top three issues they care about most. I was invited to meet with several of these students during their selection process. I can tell you first hand, they took their job seriously. I was so impressed with their compassion, leadership qualities and commitment to make this a better world.

Students chose PAWS, because we help both wild animals and companion animals in our community. You can imagine how thrilled I was to represent PAWS at their awards assemblies once we were selected! After all, who doesn’t dream of receiving handmade checks that are so big you need both hands to hold it up?

Dogs and check1_ecSo a great big thank you to these schools for caring about animals:

  • Carriage Crest Elementary
  • Cedar Valley Community School
  • Coe Elementary
  • Gatewood Elementary
  • Giddens School
  • Greenwood Elementary

You guys rock!



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Congratulations! It's good to see that kids are choosing animal causes. Now, how do we get these kids into the US Congress so we can pass some animal rights legislation?

Thanks Kurt for your support. Kids definitely have a natural love for animals and often want to help in any way possible. I met a lot of motivated and passionate youths through Penny Harvest and I have no doubt that they will take their talents and do great things, hopefully including some animal rights legislation!

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