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Simon Simon waited patiently through two kitty colds in foster homes, but his patience paid off!  The day after being posted as our Pet of the Week in the PhinneyWood blog, he went home along with sweet girl Bauble to a mother-daughter pair.  As they reported on the blog…

“We didn’t realize he was such a celebrity [as Pet of the Week] until after we had already adopted him and Marnie (formerly Bauble). They were up with the birdies at 4:30 this morning to make sure we were on the job and then went back to sleep themselves.  There’s nothing like life with kitties.”

“Simon was under my bed purring for a long time last night. The windows are now open with screens and a perch for each cat. Lovely breezes, with plenty to look at outside. They’re both being lavished with attention, and they seem very happy to be here. Both have sweet meows and are great conversationalists. They are just what this place has needed for a long time!”

"Simon and Marnie seem to be loving it here. Simon likes to sleep on top of the bed now with me, and Marnie sacks out on the living room couch. Simon started jogging…well once, accompanied by thunderous paw noises on the hardwood floors. He’s looking slimmer already. Maybe it’s all that exploring in the basement. Marnie is still the star with the laser pointer and I’m hoping she will never figure it out. They’re slowly getting to know each other, usually around the food bowl. Although Simon seems to be the alpha cat, Marnie is really confident and brave around him. Love my new kitties!"


Nansen & adopter Nansen's first evening at home Nansen came to us as a scruffy tomcat and blossomed into a dashing fellow with help from a great foster home!  His new mom posted photos (including the one at right) on our Facebook page within hours of bringing him home, along with the note:

“Thanks again for all the help guys! Nansen has been exploring his new surroundings since we got home. :) He especially loves the windows!”

And apparently the soft, fluffy carpet!


Sebastian Annie & adopter Kittens Sebastian & Annie’s new parents also posted an early update to Facebook:

“So happy to report little Scout (previously Annie) and Jasper (Sebastian) are working out their differences quickly and spent the evening playing and grooming one another. Currently they are cuddled up together napping! Looks like they might be buddies after all! Yay! :)”


Trip & adopter

Confident boy Trip (now Byron) charmed his way into the heart of his new mom, who posted:

“He is such a lovebug! So far he's discovered that the window ledge makes a perfect spot for checking out the world, that catnip logs and bellyrubs are the best things ever, and that dipping a paw into the fish tank gets you a wet paw and no fish. ;) He is settling in wonderfully and I'm very happy to be his new kittymama.”


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