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Duke_carIt’s not often that the Pacific Northwest reaches extreme temperatures during the summer.  So when the heat kicks in, it is critical to be aware of overheating not only for yourself, but also for your pets. If your dog is used to traveling with you wherever you go, it may be a good idea to leave your companion in a cool area at home during high heat time.  It can take minutes for the inside of your vehicle to overheat, even with the window open.

If you happen to notice an animal in a vehicle that appears to be in immediate danger, you should dial 911.

The agency responsible for enforcing laws to protect dogs in hot cars is the local animal control. Officers have the right to remove an animal who is in immediate danger. For some localities, especially more rural areas or small cities, the police or sheriff’s department take care of animal control services instead of a separate department. View a list of local animal control phone numbers on our website.



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Thank you so much for this educational piece on the dangers of keeping dogs in hot cars! Every year around the country, dogs die after being locked inside cars while their owners shop or run other errands. These tragic deaths are entirely preventable.

United Animal Nations (UAN) operates the My Dog is Cool Campaign to let people know that leaving a dog in a car for even “just a few minutes” may be too long. People who want to learn more about this issue, and educate others, can find downloadable fliers and brochures on our Web site: www.MyDogIsCool.com

Thanks for the informative story. Unfortunately I hear these types of stories every year. Just recently I read where a man in New York left his maltese in the car with the windows cracked open. The man was at a public pool because he was hot. The poor dog was left to die in his van. Somebody alerted the authorities and they did break into the car to get the dog out, but it was tool late and the dog later died.

The owner said he wasn't aware that it would kill the dog. People need to be aware that even cracking the windows open is not good. It is still way to hot to leave a dog there..

Dogs have been the man's best friend for ages. They provide comfort and always show eagerness by waving their tails and the invitation of a happy walk under the sun early in the morning. They also act as our comforter whenever we feel down and can't talk to someone. Dogs with just their licking and barking suffice our need of company. But today we never value its presence and sometimes could not attend on what they are needing everyday. Dogs accompanies us whenever we go and could never say no to their human friend and because of these actions we open opportunities where our dogs are harmed and sometimes be placed in a very dangerous situation. I am not saying that we need to prioritize their state before our personal necessities but we must be responsible in getting a pet like the dog. Acquiring something that lives and breathe means that we are caring one life and we must not neglect the truth about their needs and wants.

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