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New Beginnings Adoption Tales


During the last couple of months, we received many wonderful updates from some of our PAWS adopters. Many of our volunteers, staff, and foster parents have experienced the joy of getting to know many of these animals. We love hearing how our beloved PAWS alumni companions are doing in their forever homes and we thank you for keeping in touch!  Here are a few of the recent stories we’ve received.


Sophie – A 1-year-old Pit Bull mix adopted 3/28/10

Thanks for calling and checking on Sophie. She is so sweet, we love her. She is doing well with her new home and puppy training classes. She’s even met some friends at doggy day care which she will be going to 1 day a week.
Here she is with our 17-year-old cat. She loves him...he tolerates her!!

 Sophie Sophie 2



Paulina – A 6-year-old cat adopted 4/03/10, who had been at the shelter since January.

Our family adopted Paulina on April 3 and we wanted to send an update. We renamed her Bella, because she is a pretty princess (the name has nothing to do with the Twilight series, I assure you!). The first few days with us, she was shy, and hid beneath our blankets at the end of the bed. Now, after three and a half weeks, she is "at home." She still won’t explore the rest of our 3000sq. ft. home and stays mainly upstairs, but, as I sit here writing this, she is running around, chasing a noisy toy ball! Who thought she was playful? She absolutely LOVES chasing and attacking things! It's adorable. Bella and my 10-year-old son are buddies and she loves his gentle nature. She is perfectly healthy, happy and we're in love with her.

Raina, Jeff and Aidan
Paulina Paulina 2  



Fiona  - now known as Gracie, an 8-month-old Chocolate Lab adopted 4/09/10

I wanted to let you know that Gracie is doing really well.  Her kennel cough is gone, she’s gained 8 pounds, her coat is healthy and shiny, and she loves baths!  We have been having a ball with her.  She is extremely receptive to training and is coming right along.  She actually brings her leash to you when she wants to go for a walk, which is pretty much all the time.  She is wonderful and we are so happy to have her.


Fiona 3 ______________________________________________________________________________ 

Paprika – now known as Poppy, a 5-year-old Dalmatian mix adopted 4/30/10

I just wanted to send you an update on Paprika. We actually changed her name because the only thing that she would respond to was puppy. We felt horrible calling her puppy so we call her Poppy because she is spotted like a poppy seed muffin and it sounds close to puppy. She and Charlie (8-month-old Lab) get along really well. They both have an incredible amount of energy that they take out on each other. We need to invest in some stronger dog toys because the ones we had are now demolished because they love to play tug of war.

Poppy is very well behaved and is actually teaching Charlie a little as well. We were worried about how she would interact with the cat but that has turned out fine. She is a big mommy's girl, which is nice because in a house full of boys, us girls have to stick together.

Both my husband and I greatly appreciate you letting us adopt Poppy.
She has been a great addition to our family. The pictures that we have of her right now are kind of blurry because she has been so active since she has been home. Once we have some nice pictures of her and Charlie we will be sure to send them to you.

Thank you,

Amanda and Jamie


Poinsettia--- 1-year anniversary! - now known as Beatrix, a 1-year 6-month-old cat adopted on 5/24/09

I adopted an all black domestic shorthair cat from the Lynnwood shelter last May, and since it's our one-year adoption anniversary date I thought I'd write and share with you how amazing everything has been since then! Beatrix (formerly known as Poinsettia at PAWS) adapted to her new home right away and it was clear we were made for each other. I'm currently attending law school, and because I'm usually home studying in my free time it's been so wonderful to have Bea around to keep me company. She does, however, make sure that I'm still paying enough attention to her by walking/sitting on my computer, books, or papers, and constantly playing with my highlighters and pens (which inevitably end up stuck under the couch). I'm so happy I made the decision to adopt a cat, because I really can't picture my life without Beatrix in it! It would certainly be less interesting and entertaining.

Thanks again for helping me find such a terrific pet!


Poinsettia Poinsettia 2


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