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You may remember last summer PAWS took in two tiny, one-pound orphaned beaver kits. One was found, weak and alone on a sandbar in the Cedar River. The other was orphaned when a jet ski killed her mother.

We are thrilled to update you that the beavers have thrived. They grew to a healthy 30 pounds each, and were released on the Heernett Environmental Foundation’s 850-acre preserve in Tenino. The Foundation generously agreed to welcome the beavers, and check their progress from time to time.

Weighing only about one pound each when admitted, the beaver kits grew up together at PAWS Wildlife Center. By the time they were released, they had spent more than a year in PAWS’ care.

As the beavers matured they practiced their construction skills. All of the wood around the hide box in the background was placed there by the beavers.

A floating lodge that staff built is serving as a temporary home for the beavers. PAWS Wildlife Facilities Caretaker Jim Green and Wildlife Rehabilitation Manager Dondi Byrne get the lodge ready at the release site.

After they were placed in the lodge, the beavers came out to explore. Having had minimal human contact at PAWS, they were wary of the people who were there to wish them well. Everyone soon left so the beavers could explore in peace.

KOMO 4 News also came out to the beaver release site. Watch their coverage here:


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