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Bobcat released back into the wild after successful rehabilitation. Thursday, June 3 was release day for an orphaned Bobcat and an orphaned Black Bear, both of whom had been in care at the PAWS Wildlife Center for a full year.

The Bobcat was brought to PAWS on June 26, 2009 by state wildlife agents. She was a tiny, 1.7 lb kitten when she was found wandering alone near a highway outside of Washougal, WA. Thin, weak and suffering from diarrhea, she had clearly been away from mom for several days.

During her year of care at PAWS, she grew into a gorgeous, 20-lb sub-adult Bobcat, and she was strong and ready to be independent as she bounded away into the brush at her release.

Black Bear released back into the wild after successful rehabilitation. The Black Bear had been brought to PAWS by state wildlife agents on June 13, 2009. She was a 10-lb cub who had been struck by a car near Skamania. At admission the cub showed signs of serious head trauma, and she was only able to walk in circles.

There was no sign of injury on June 3, 2010 as the now 100-lb sub-adult bear bolted from her transport carrier and disappeared into the forest. Both of these animals were perfect examples of our goal for all of PAWS’ wild patients. They are physically strong with their wariness of humans intact, and they are now living free in the wild.


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