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Like those puppies who are still growing into their feet, teaching kids always leaves me smiling, laughing, and full of warm-fuzzies. I spend my work week making new friends, listening to heart-warming stories, visiting numerous classrooms (sometimes even with my therapy dog Abby), and developing fun hands-on activities to teach kids about how cool animals really are.

Jealous yet? Maybe not, but take my word for it – being a humane educator is an awesome job.

The goal of PAWS' humane education program is to teach kids to appreciate, respect and help animals. Most children love animals, so animal welfare issues are the perfect vehicle to teach children about compassion and responsibility. It’s pretty clever if you ask me.

I recently received an e-mail from a teacher that perfectly illustrates the impact one visit can have on a classroom:

ONEisFUN Hi Tiffany and Abby,

Thanks again for the visit! We are working on our posters. [Click photo see the students' work larger.]

Over the long weekend (this past weekend)...THREE of my kids had their dogs spayed/neutered!

One of them is a Spanish-speaking family and it was only because of the lessons here at school that the 2nd grader was able to inform his parents about the importance of neutering their dog.

I nearly cried! It was such a beautiful thing! He was so proud that his parents listened to the knowledge that he brought home.

AND a first grader in my class adopted a cat from PAWS over the weekend.


I love my job, wouldn’t you? I look forward to sharing more kid-inspired stories with you soon!


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Please keep up the good work with educating children. That's where compassion begins. My Golden Retriever was previously owned by a family with children who mistreated him. As a result, this dog who should be a very good family pet is now completely afraid of children and will try to bite if a child pets him. I must be super-vigilant with him. He's big and fluffy, and children like to run up to pet him.

Thanks Chris for sharing your dog’s story and your words of encouragement. I am glad to hear that your dog has found himself a new, responsible guardian who cares about his well-being and happiness.

I totally agree that compassion must be taught and reinforced at a young age which is why I am a firm believer in humane education. I also thought you would appreciate knowing that I teach dog safety in a majority of the classrooms I visit specifically to remind children to always ask the owner for permission before petting a dog (no matter how cute and fluffy a dog may be). It can be a challenging rule to remember, even for adults!

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