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Remember Sophie, who we posted about back in March? She's still looking for love.

It's true, she's an older cat, so many folks don't consider her as a companion. But she's been with us, in and out of foster homes (to give her a break from the shelter environment from time to time) for a full year, since last May. It's time for her to find her forever home.

Here's a video of Miss Sophie at play yesterday:

WA59.14245604-1-x As you can see, Sophie is a beautiful, quiet, and loving girl. She was surrendered to PAWS when her guardian passed away. She can be a bit shy when you first meet her, but give her some time and she'll warm right up.

Sophie is a dignified, 11-year old lady who is looking for a quiet and predictable home where she can spend her days lounging by the window, watching the birds, and simply being loved.

If that's what you're looking for too, please come in to meet her at PAWS Cat City today.


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We noticed that Sophie's name isn't on your available animals anymore -- please tell us she found a home!!

Meg & Bryan (adoptive folks of Cat City's Lily, formerly known as "April")

We are ecstatic to report that Miss Sophie has found her forever home! Her new mom already gave us an update:
"I'm the one who adopted Sophie yesterday! She's a real sweetheart and is adjusting very well to her new territory. I set her up in a part of the living room yesterday and she was so excited to explore the rest of the house that she found a way to get out. She's found some nice resting spots and I've even heard some purrs from her when I pet her. I'm so glad she had so much love given to her at PAWS and I'm very surprised she didn't find a home until now. I feel very lucky to have her!"

I am so glad that this precious girl now has a loving home. Every creature on earth deserves that. The people at PAWS are to be commended for the care and love that was given to Sophie during her stay there. My rescued cat Honey fills my life with joy and love. She too had a hard time finding a home but secretly I think God was saving her for me. People tend to want a kitten. I can understand that but I hope anyone who reads this will take it from someone who knows that the older cats are so grateful and loving when they have lived thru the trials and have been rescued. You will be greatly rewarded when you give them a home.

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