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As the saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat.” These beautiful, mischievous feline creatures are seekers of the most unique places to hide. Kitties are able to flatten and twist their bodies in so many ways, enabling them to squeeze themselves under, into, and in-between the smallest of places. Don’t forget about their ability to leap feet into the air and climb their way to the top of things. Cats can make the impossible become possible. 

So when you haven’t seen your indoor cat for most of the day and he won’t come to the rattle of cat treats or “here kitty, kitty” calls, check out this list of places that cats can hide before believing that your feline friend has officially disappeared. 

 My kitty, found hiding in the dryer!
Having knowledge of the possibilities of where cats can be will also help keep them safe.  Cats are sly and quick and can jump into a fridge, dryer, or dishwasher before you know it. Their curious nature also entices them to play, chew, or eat items they shouldn’t. Read up on some tips on how to keep your cat safe.  You’ll be surprised at some of the shenanigans cats can get into.


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