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Wildlife agents brought in two more just about as tiny (and just as cute!) Black Bear cubs to PAWS Wildlife Center this week. They are brothers from Oregon who were orphaned when their mother was killed by a car. Fortunately, neither of them were hit so they are uninjured and in decent health.

From blood tests, we found that the little female cub we shared a video clip of earlier this week was anemic, but we are actively caring for her. She will be introduced to the two new cubs as soon as she is healthy, so she won’t be lonely and will grow up with others of her kind.

As with all wildlife, our hope for these three cubs is to care for them only as long it takes for them to grow healthy and strong enough to survive in the wild on their own. At that time, they’ll be released into remote areas, away from potential conflicts with humans.Black-Bears-100784-and-100785,-runs-iso-052710-KM-(2)-web


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good and kind to give animals a home of freedom.

so cute animals to paws

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