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Ever heard of “crush” videos? How about as they relate to animal cruelty? If you’ve got a horrible image going in your mind, you won’t believe that creating and selling these videos are now legal again. Are you appalled? I know I was when I read about it. 

This April, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a 10-year federal law that made it illegal to create and sell these brutal “crush” videos of torture on defenseless animals.

A cute kitten safe at PAWS So what can you do?

Simply enter your state and zip and use the message below to ask your U.S. Representative to co-sponsor and support H.R. 5092 amending the Crush Act. It’s important to personalize the subject line and add polite, personal touches to the email below. Congress gets a ton of email so we need to get yours noticed. 

Dear (Your Representative’s Name),

As your constituent, I’m asking you to co-sponsor and support H.R. 5092 amending the Crush Act if you have not already done so.

Before a 1999 law was enacted, approximately 3,000 horrifying “crush" videos were available, selling for up to $300 apiece. Those videos (entailing acts such as women in high-heeled shoes impaling and torturing small animals) disappeared soon after the law was passed.

I hope you will work to get H.R. 5092 enacted amending the Crush Act so that we can once again ban this kind of intentional torture of defenseless animals for the sake of profit.

(Your name, phone number and home address)

Research shows people who abuse animals are more likely to be violent toward other people. These “crush” videos not only cause horrible animal suffering, but they promote violence to both animals and humans.

Public outrage over these videos helped to put a law in place in 1999 banning the commercial sale of this kind of animal cruelty. We can do it again. Write your legislators!

Read more on actions taken to ban “crush” videos and background on the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling and a more background on a 2009 investigation and 1999 ruling.

As a new blogger for PAWS, I’m excited to share my world of “public affairs” with you. I’ll be blogging about animal issues, legislation that impacts animals, and how you can transform your animal compassion into action!


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I think you're going over the line here by trying to claim that these horrible videos (enjoyed by a minuscule segment of humanity) translate into promoting violence against humans. The research you cite doesn't support that. You're entering the rhetorical neighborhood of saying that porn incites rape and violence– the research says it doesn't, and that people interested in BDSM role playing are roaming the streets abducting people– they don't.

The videos are bad enough. You don't need to make unsupported claims to add more heat than light. The original law was too broad, and it was struck down. If you want to support a new law, fine.

Mike, I appreciate your perspective and I'd like to clarify our concerns. PAWS does not condone the exploitation and abuse of animals for entertainment or profit. Regardless of the category these "crush" videos fall under, animals still suffer in hard to imagine ways to create them.

We are supporting H.R. 5092 amending the Crush Act to make these videos illegal in order to help prevent this form of horrific cruelty. We also do believe, and there is evidence to support it, that violence toward animals potentially breeds violence toward other living beings (the links I supplied in the blog further explore this at: http://www.paws.org/human-violence-connection.html). This research gives one more reason to present to your representatives why these videos should be banned. Thanks again for your comment and for exploring this topic further.

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