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Black bear cub upon her arrival.

Baby bears don't get much cuter than this little eight-pound girl, a little spunky ball of fur.

This Black Bear cub came into PAWS a week ago from a nearby campground. She just wandered up to campers, alone, thin and scared. They took her to the park ranger who in turn contacted the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). The WDFW agent tried to reunite the cub with her mother but the mom never returned to the area.

The cub will now be with the PAWS Wildlife Center for up to one year while she matures, learns to forage for food and to defend herself. She is doing great, is wary of humans (that's a good thing) and is a voracious little eater. She loves her "bear mush" and can smell the other larger bears we have in rehabilitation currently.

Our goal will be to house her with another bear cub through her stay at PAWS. This will allow her to bond with her own kind, learn the necessary bear skills for her future life and take away a little bit of the loneliness we can only assume she feels being away from her mother in the wild. As cute as she is, we rehabilitate all our bear cubs with a hands-off approach, allowing the cubs to be returned back to the wild as independent, truly wild members of their population.

Watch this video clip of the cub being examined by PAWS Wildlife Center's veterinary team.

In the video: The PAWS Wildlife Center veterinary team examines the health of the bear cub's eyes, mouth and ears, then observes her ability to walk on her own.


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