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Sandy At 10 years old, Sandy should have been living a comfy life with the family she’d known her whole life. Instead, she found herself abandoned just as she was about to give birth. Sandy’s family was going on vacation and didn’t want to bother with a dog in labor, so they brought her to PAWS.

Within 24 hours, Sandy delivered five healthy puppies. The father of the pups is a Miniature Dachshund (Sandy’s family’s new dog), so--as you can see below--the puppies don’t look much like Sandy.

She was an attentive, loving momma despite the stress she endured. To give her a quieter environment in which to nurse, rest and care for her puppies, Sandy and her brood were sent home with a PAWS foster care volunteer.

In a few weeks, after the puppies were weaned, Sandy came back to PAWS so we could spay her and find her a new loving home, one who would appreciate her worth and would stick by her no matter what. It didn’t take long. Sandy was adopted by a wonderful woman who said it feels like they’ve been together forever, and Sandy stays right by her side.

The puppies are still in foster care, but will be back at PAWS for adoption soon!

  Sandy pup 3 Sandy puppy 2


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