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Steller's Jay, PAWS Campus Update on the Stellar’s Jay that was caught in a rat trap:

PAWS’ Naturalist Kevin Mack recently photographed one of our patients in our pre-release caging as he/she (we’re not sure of the bird's sex) made a new friend here on PAWS’ campus.

This was the Steller’s Jay who came into PAWS’ care after being caught in a rat trap. A local jay began visiting our patient’s cage as he/she was being conditioned for release. Since the bird in care originated from only a few miles away in Everett, we decided to release him/her on campus in case a pair bond was forming between the two birds.

We’ll never know if they ended up seeking each other out after the bird in care was released, but the bird outside the cage was pretty persistent so we wouldn’t be surprised if they did.


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