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I love reading stories about PAWS adopted animals in their new forever homes and sharing them with staff, volunteers, and now you!

Every month I will be posting updates on adopted cats and dogs from PAWS. So if you are one of those lucky families, send your stories and photos to: catsanddogs@paws.org.


Hi there,

I just wanted to send in some pictures of Maddy, the Australian Shepherd and American Bulldog pup we adopted from PAWS earlier last month. He's just 3 months old this week. We love him so much! Thank you for everything -- we're so glad to have him in our lives.

Katie and Lee

Maddy1 Maddy2

Rover, now known as Maddy, a 3-month-old Australian Shepherd/Bulldog mix adopted February 2010.



Wanted to let you know that Summer has been a wonderful addition to the family. She has settled in quite nicely! She has been enjoying the local trail hikes in Redmond. She did the Marymoor dog park yesterday-- 300 to 400 new friends and she met every one of them. Then she got her first bath at the Ruff House, self-wash in Redmond.

We were glad that Summer adopted us.

Tom, Kim and Summer

Summer Baby Summer

Summer, a 1-year old Australian Cattle Dog/Hound mix adopted February 2010.





Here's Gwennie! The pictures of her and Dozer are from less than 24 hours after we brought her home.  They are definitely little buddies and still very funny to watch. They’re dynamic.

She did great on a walk further than our neighborhood.  She only had a couple accidents the first day (nerves we think)...yesterday was perfect.

Just an update for you guys!


Kiwi Kiwi2


Kiwi, now known as Gwennie, an 8-month-old Rottweiler/Shepherd mix adopted March 2010.







Just took Duke and Toby out on a trail ride with one of the horses here….they are both in heaven….lots of walks and trail rides along with ball & bone chewing time at night.

I know Toby has lost weight and I’m sure Duke has as well.

We love him! He’s just a big sweet guy!


Luke2 Luke

Luke, now known as Duke, a 7-year old Labrador/Weimaraner mix adopted March 2010.


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I'm so glad I ran into PAWS blog. I wasn't aware there is any. I love hearing about pet adoption tales. They make me tear up at times.

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