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In the five years I've worked animal welfare, there have been quite a few animals who have tugged at my heart. The most recent member of that club is a cat named Sophie.

Sophie came to PAWS at the beginning of last May after her guardian, with whom she'd shared all 10 years of her life, passed away.  Fortunately, he planned for the possibility that Sophie would outlive him, and made arrangements with PAWS to ensure she would find a good home after he was gone. Sophie1_55362 

Her first couple weeks at the shelter were rough. Certainly confused by her new surroundings, and perhaps grieving the loss of her life-long friend, she spent days curled in her bed not interacting with the volunteers or staff that tried to cheer her. As she slowly began to settle into her new life, we began to see her true colors. She revealed that she is a lady who has definite likes and dislikes. Her affinity for being brushed was the first thing we noticed. Her distain for other cats was the second.

With her increased confidence, staff decided her best chance for adoption would be at PAWS Cat City in Greenwood. The atmosphere there is much more conducive to cats who might need a little extra time and attention from staff, volunteers and adopters. Sophie was given a whole visiting room to herself so she could be as comfortable as possible. Weeks passed, then months, and she remained available for adoption. In the height of summer, when kittens abound, it's hard to drum up interest for a 10-year-old cat who just wants a window of her own from which to observe the goings on of her kingdom.

Now it's March--nine months after she first came to PAWS. After the evacuation of Cat City during the spate of Greenwood Arsons, she has been shuffled from foster home to foster home, but has still not found a new home. We here at the shelter all have a special affection for this girl. She is sweet and sassy, loveable and affectionate, confident and opinionated. Most of all, she's deserving of a wonderful home of her very own.



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If I lived close enough I would gladly take her home with me!

Oh my lord, this breaks my heart. If we weren't in Chicago with our two cats (one of whom, Lily, was a Cat City resident named April when we adopted her), we'd take her in a heartbeat. I really hope she's doing ok in foster care.

We are ecstatic to report that Miss Sophie has found her forever home! Her new mom already gave us an update:
"I'm the one who adopted Sophie yesterday! She's a real sweetheart and is adjusting very well to her new territory. I set her up in a part of the living room yesterday and she was so excited to explore the rest of the house that she found a way to get out. She's found some nice resting spots and I've even heard some purrs from her when I pet her. I'm so glad she had so much love given to her at PAWS and I'm very surprised she didn't find a home until now. I feel very lucky to have her!"

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